KB: How to configure ISA Server 2004 after you add a new network adapter or you replace a network adapter

How to configure ISA Server 2004 after you add a new network adapter or you replace a network adapter is handy kb article but it needs a little modification for SBS.

Be sure to interpret step 7. Configure the TCP/IP configuration as configure the new Network card TCP/IP settings exactly as they were on the old Network card.

and step 9 c. Manually configure the network and add any rules, or select a network template from the right pane to specify your new configuration as run the Connect to the Internet Wizard.

ISA SP2 Update Released

ISA in SBS – yes, it’s secure: Information on SP2

How off the press! ISA SP2 update has been released. This update replaces the previous hotfix for these issues:

This update addresses the following HTTP issues for ISA Server 2004 Standard and Enterprise Editions with Service Pack 2 (SP2):

• KB 915045: Error 502 “The HTTP request includes a non-supported Header” when accessing certain web servers. This occurs when accessing certain Web servers that return headers that are incompatible with each other.

• KB 915421: Errors 11001 or 400 when accessing certain web servers. This is caused by a misinterpretation of spaces in headers provided by ISA Server, and results in a corrupted URL and failure to load the Web page.

• KB 915422: Event ID 23004 when accessing web sites that respond with compressed content. Some Web servers always return compressed content, which is denied by ISA Server when it did not request compressed content.

• KB 916573: Error 500 (Internal Server Error. Not implemented (-2147467263)) when trying to download zip attachments from an Outlook Web Access server. The header returned by Outlook Web Access causes ISA Server to deny the response.

• KB 917134: Grayed out checkbox “Enable caching of content received through the BITS service”

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003
• ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2

You can download it here or it’s available in WSUS.