ISA 2004 Installation Fails Creating Sotrage

ISA in SBS – yes, it’s secure

This response by Mark Stanfill saved me last night. (Thank you Mark) The only additional thing I would add is that this installation method also does not create a share to hold the firewall client for you. So after you have sucessfully installed ISA go into add/remove programs, Choose ISA, select Modify and select the Firewall Client Share item.

Note: The original question came from a person with a HP Server. My problem machine was also an HP.


We’ve seen a few instances of this, usually related to MSDE install errors.
Please try the following:

1. Launch the ISA 2004 MSI package manually and install ISA manually from
CD #6:


2. The installation should be successful but this only installs the
console. The
MSDE instance has not yet been installed. Go ahead and run the Setup.EXE
for ISA
2004 so that all the additional components will install.

3. If the installation of MS_FPC_SERVER.MSI is NOT installed successfully,
then run
it with the following command to create a LOG file of the installation:

msiexec.exe /i D:\ISA2004\FPC\MS_FPC_SERVER.msi /l* c:\isa.txt

4. The log file will be located on C:\isa.txt

The verbose log file will help us in the next step of troubleshooting.

Mark Stanfill, MCSE+I, MCSE 2000, MCDBA, MCSA
Microsoft Corporation

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