ISA 2008 Needs Your Help

The Microsoft ISA Product Team is working on the next version of ISA. As part of the work, the team is currently recruiting customers for its internal customer programs namely TAP (Technology Adoption Program) and the Advisory Group). Interested customers, consultants, solution provides and others can contact to start the nomination process.
Please note:
– The information about these specific programs is Microsoft-confidential. Therefore, nomination to these programs requires the nominees to already have or sign a non-disclosure-agreement (NDA) with Microsoft.
– Nominees who wish to participate (after they are accepted to the program) in the TAP kickoff event on April 16-18, are advised to follow-up immediately.

SMBTN Conference ISA Session

There’s a great conference coming up March 15-18th. It’s the SMB Summit, the 3rd annual SMB Technology Network conference. It’s being held at Disneyland. Have a look at the sessions and the speakers. If you are a small IT firm looking to grow, this is the place to be.

I’ll be presenting a technical session on using ISA to build your security practice. I’ll show off wireless network security, advanced DMZ controls and monitoring and reporting, then we’ll open it up for discussion on adding security services to your standard service offerings.

Hope to see you there!

Update: iTunes ISA 2004 SP2

In a previous blogpost I pointed you to the ISA Product Team blog for instructions on how to allow iTunes through ISA. I’ve got a little personal experience with this now and some new information for you.

If you’re having problems visiting the iTunes site, you’ll notice in the ISA logs that the packets are being rejected because ISA wasn’t expecting compressed content but the iTunes responds with compressed content. I think this is a web development issue. The tighter we make our firewall configurations the more we expect development to follow the rules. Repsonding with compressed content when it wasn’t requested is a no-no and the packet will be handled according to the settings under General, Define HTTP Compression Preferences. You’ll notice that by default any packets trying to send compressed content that you didn’t ask for will be dropped.

Following the instructions in the previous blog you’ll need to provide a “site” for the exception to our compressed content restrictions. By “site” what is really meant is computer set. So create one and let’s call it iTunes. Add the following IP addresses to this set.


Once you have your “site” created check the box Request Compressed HTTP Content from Servers.

You’ll be able to speak to the iTunes servers now.

Strong Authentication for SBS

Good news! Today is the official release day for AuthAnvil. This is an excellent addition to the RWW Guard product that Scorpion Software also offers. I’ve seen it in action. This is a must have for IT firms servicing multiple clients and for all small businesses taking advantage of the many remote access features of SBS. There’s nothing like knowing for certain who is logging into your server.

Scorpion Software releases AuthAnvil Strong Authentication System (SAS) for Small Business
Chilliwack, BC: February 1, 2007 – Scorpion Software Corp. today announced the general availability of version 1.0 of AuthAnvil, a strong authentication system (SAS) to protect small businesses and enhance their remote access security with the introduction of two-factor authentication server software for Microsoft’s Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 and Windows Server 2003 platforms. AuthAnvil enhances online trust and enables secure remote access to protected information assets by offering the ability to reliably prove user identities through the use of strong authentication. More information about AuthAnvil is available at

“AuthAnvil is our second and most crucial piece to our strong authentication solution for small business. It helps to eliminate the insecurities and weaknesses in static reusable passwords by offering more perfected one time passwords that can be easily deployed and managed.” says Dana Epp, Scorpion Software’s President and Computer Security Software Architect. “In combination with our RWW-Guard product we can now offer a complete solution to help protect the remote access to critical information assets in small businesses who leverage Microsoft server technology like SBS 2003 and Remote Web Workplace.”

About Scorpion Software Corp.
Scorpion Software Corp provides the premium solution for SMBs to reduce the risks associated with the use of weak static reusable passwords and provide a higher level of confidence that only authorized users can access their company’s most important business assets – their proprietary information. Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, Scorpion Software helps small businesses manage online risk while offering unprecedented password protection. More information about the company is available at