ISA 2004 SP3 Released

ISA 2004 SP3 is here.

ISA Server 2004 SP3 includes the following new features and improved functionality:

Improvements to the ISA Server Management console with the addition of a new Troubleshooting node

Enhanced log viewing functionality

Additional log filtering functionality

Diagnostic logging, including over 200 new diagnostic logging events

Integration with the Microsoft ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool

Support for publishing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with ISA Server 2004

Vista might not connect immediately

Network Connectivity Status Indicator and Resulting Internet Communication in Windows Vista

Read all about it in TechNet. Vista contains a feature which uses DNS to locate and connect to a pre-defined website. This is part of the new network identification feature. So when Vista detects a new network and pops up the box for you to select how much you trust this newly connected network, this article explains what has happened in the background.

The key issues are:

1. Vista clients behind ISA may not immediately recognize that they are connected to the Internet via a firewall
2. ISA logs will contain denied DNS traffic destined for (yes, this is a valid IP address)

And don’t panic.