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Monthly Archives: March 2010

DPM: Scripting Additions to a Backup

It’s beautiful when we are able to use features of DPM to backup an application as a whole (say, SharePoint or Hyper-V virtual machine), but what will happen when it is not enough to just copy files and system state (like in OCS in some cases, or Windows Server 2008 BMR Backup), or our MOSS […]

Pirates and Services…

It suddenly came to my mind, that the shift for SaaS, Clouds and all other fashionable technologies popped out, possibly, due to pirates’ activity. Yes, exactly those who are always complaining that a bunch of bytes cannot cost money. Look, those who create content need to earn from that, so they thought up, say, Cloud, […]

Ready for 2010 Scripting Games? Prepare!

The Games’ organizers  have issued the list of skills necessary (Hey! No one told you the skills are sufficient 😉 ,,) for you to successfully pass through the Games’ tasks. Thus, what do you need to be ready: 1) Working with the registry 2) Event log 3) Text files and folders 4) Environment variables 5) […]

Virtual Fatality: the things one must not do

Very short and funny screen cast about what a person shouldn’t do, even if he or she excessively fond of virtualization. For example: virtualization of every DC in AD, based on virtual servers, joined that domain or MS SC VMM virtualized on a farm which it manages.