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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Wrap-upper and wrap up for August 2010

Simon May from MS UK created cool app: Live Writer Wrapup Tool. The tool allows you to create the following from your RSS feed: MS Security advisory: Insecure Library Loading Could Allow Remote Code Execution cool apps–useful and not Remote Desktop Connection Manager Freebies #2: Diagrams for SharePoint 2010 Microsoft Professional Advisory Services Freebies: […]

MS Security advisory: Insecure Library Loading Could Allow Remote Code Execution

Recently issued advisory has kind of shaken the around-security-society: “we all gonna die will be hacked”. Really, this is that nasty sort of a bug which is not a bug, actually. It is more like FireWire: just vulnerable by design, so it is to be fixed more on software vendors side, rather than on Windows […] cool apps–useful and not

Some time ago I posted about group policy search service, published in Azure at the Then I thought: “it cannot be the only application on the whole domain!”. And I was right, of course. There is, actually at least several dozens of apps there. There is mostly test stuff at the moment on the […]

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Having many servers one wants to improve and optimize work with them. MSTSC is excellent instrument, but with many drawbacks: windows either close each another or there is to much to switch between them, it takes comparatively long time to launch it and so forth. Of course we have built-in Remote Desktop console, but it […]

Freebies #2: Diagrams for SharePoint 2010

That is quite old stuff, actually. But I just get to it in my “clean up that darn OneNote” job. I won’t repost the whole blog post, it is unnecessary: just believe me – those are great and useful.

Microsoft Professional Advisory Services

Are you small enough to think of the Premier Support as of a crazy thing and, nevertheless, big enough to be not happy with reactive only support from MS? Do you want some proactive features without paying fortune for Premier or several fortunes for Alliance? The news is right for you, then. Let me quote […]

Freebies: Free Visio stencils

Those who don’t love free stuff – get out of the class. Stay here, though – you are to buy Visio in order to use this freebies. One of the MS employees has shared links to several sets of Visio stencils. Here we are: Visio stencils for IT Pro posters Microsoft Office Visio Stencil Containing […]

Group Policy Search App

“Where is this @#$% policy? I know it is somewhere in this hive” – that is the question to bother each systems administrator. It was a nightmare trying to find a setting, especially for not very experienced one. It seems like we are one step closer to the solution: while sorting out a mess which […]

Now! I mean NOW!!!

People are sometimes impatient… Ok, ok, sometimes they are patient. When we press a key we want it to result in an immediate action. Usually it is possible, but ISA server in Enterprise Edition never was a case: once we pressed Apply button we were to wait till every server in array received and applied […]