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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Blog wrap-up for September 2010

Last record to first: Vulnerability in VMWare Workstation installer. Not a 0-day anymore. The report of my first reported vulnerability Old good command line #2… The CLI nostalgic series continues (Driverquery, fc, find) Old good command line… The CLI nostalgic series continues (clip, color, comp) IE 9 Beta starts Yeah. MS issued MS Chrome Utilities: […]

Vulnerability in VMWare Workstation installer. Not a 0-day anymore.

The only reason for mentioning the vulnerability is… Bragging. Yes, I’m going to brag about the first vulnerability I had discovered and reported before the CVE was issued =,,) I found several vulnerabilities earlier, but all of them already had a CVE published, so it was useless. The vulnerability in VMWare Workstation and Player installer […]

Old good command line #2…

Let’s continue overview of what was found by me in command line tools. driverquery. List drivers, installed into your system with various information about them. For example, we can obtain information about signed drivers: May be handy in case of some drivers problems. fc. Whoa, kind of déjà vu… Haven’t we such a command described […]

Old good command line…

You know what? What struck me after I had written the post about cmdkey is that while reading about cmdkey’s syntax, I saw many commands which… Well, it’s a shame but I didn’t know them. Really. Though I still remember what did “expand” word in DOS I can’t tell you what does “comp” or “clip”. […]

IE 9 Beta starts

Yeah, we are receiving it. Come to on the 15th of September (UPD: the download links are already accessible) to get more info about it, to download it and try it any way you want. The brief and not very full list of what’s new: – HTML5 support – Faster than previous – Many […]

Utilities: cmdkey

2011-01-14 15:16:39

Certification News

Just news, briefly: New certification program for students and newbies without IT experience just started. You already can pass several exams to become MS Certified Technology Associate. More info in the program site. Brilliant way to start your certified life, I think Another freebies… Well, almost. MS gives discount up to 30% on certification exams […]

x64 attacks, part II

When I wrote about the surge of 64-bit platform which had come to the client computers I didn’t think about one obvious things: as some platform becomes mass and popular, it attracts all sorts of ill-minded persons to it. In our age it means that all the instruments that hackers use to do what they […]

Kaspersky Lab has implemented UC

Completely as advertising   We did it! “We” is somewhat exaggerated: my participation in the project was not very bold but still we have OCS and it is convenient. What think our management team you can read here (Russian). Actually, the management don’t lie: it is cool and convenient. I don’t mind where I am […]