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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Blog wrap-up for January 2011

Malware: how comes we are infected? The most successful malware requires user interaction to be installed. How to change attribute in AD: alternatives #2 How to create your own GUI for changing an attribute for an AD object. %SystemRoot%System32 secrets Do you know what is in your system32 folder? Ohhh… There are treasures =,,) Creating […]

%SystemRoot%System32 Secrets: Auditpol

This command is very useful in case you need to fine-tune audit. For example you cannot set “Audit directory service changes” without setting “Audit directory service replication” using only GUI, because “There is no Windows interface tool available in Windows Server 2008 to view or set audit policy subcategories”. therefore, you need auditpol badly in […]

%SystemRoot%System32 Secrets: Schtasks

After my previous post about AT command I received some feed back from people who obviously enough hadn’t read my post in its entirety =) The feedback stated that “AT is deprecated and is to be replaced with schtasks”. You bet I knew that! =) Nevertheless, schtasks is really more powerful and since my article […]

MS Guru writes a thriller, MS OneNote starts in iPhone

What a crazy world, one can say… Still it is true: New book of Mark Russinovich Mark Russinovich has wrote a thriller book named Zero Day. Something about cyber crime, cyber attacks and so on. I won’t even read the excerpts: I’ll just get this book as soon as I can after it is out […]

Live Writer Wrap Up Tool: My version

As I mentioned some time ago, a guy named Simon May created a small tool which allows you to create a blog post with all your recent blog posts inside. It is cool and really saves me some time. However, I decided to: 1) adapt it more for my needs 2) write at last my […]

Creating self-signed certificate for code-signing

Just in case you cannot google it or you don’t like solutions longer then two strings of command line… Sometimes you need to assure yourself that scripts or code you are about to run are the same as you’ve created them. One of the ways to achieve it is to put a flash drive with […]

%SystemRoot%System32 secrets

Remember my “Old good command line” series? I decided to continue. But now I will take interesting commands not from some fabulous site, but from inside my very own Windows 7. From the folder stated in the subject. Usually it is c:windowssystem32, but who knows what you’ve done to your innocent computer =,,) So, let […]

How to change attribute in AD: alternatives #2

Returning to the question of AD attributes change tools I should go on for some more graphical tools. From now on I know only some self-created possibilities, which require some coding. First is to create some Custom GUI Application There are multitudes of variants: C#, VBScript, C, you name it. Being somewhat lazy, I decided […]

Malware: how comes we are infected?

It was not the first time I had the same argue: some of my peers and even colleagues still think that the major infection method for client computers is through some kind of vulnerabilities which don’t involve stupidity. I believe (and I have some brothers in arm in my belief) that abovementioned “stupidity”, or let’s […]