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Monthly Archives: May 2011

VMM and not so disjointed namespace

I’ve been configuring VMM to manage some Hyper-V hosts in a remote AD Domain. I’ve pressed “Add host” in my VMM, ran through the wizard, found the servers, tried to add them into the wizard and…   What I’ve covered by black ink is a netBIOS name of my host. To cut a long story […]

Platforma: goodbye

I wrote several times about our local Russian TechEd-like event named “Platforma”. It was really like TechEd: 1500 attendees, several dozens of presentations in two days. Still, “TechEd-like” is not exactly TechEd, so, from this year we’ll receive our very own TechEd. It will be twice as much in term if people and tracks, so […]

Do you mind creating a Domain Controller from your W7 box?

No, really, just install RSAT, go to %SystemRoot\System32% and run dcpromo. Yeah, of course I’m kidding. No, dcpromo exists in the folder, but you cannot make it turn your workstation into a DC: Still I don’t get it: why do I need it then? =)


A friend of mine twitted about some new small but great good tool: TextAnalysisTool.NET. It’s simple, yet can be very useful. What it does is just simple search for a string or several strings in a file. Do you think “who has written such a stupid thing”? We have findstr, not speaking of PoSh and […]

Freebies: books and other learning stuff

What it takes to be a good specialist? Usually everyone agree that the vital element to it is to learn much. With MS, it is usually easy enough: TechNet and MSDN are great sources of information. No, really, most of official courses I sit on (to be honest – there was not many of them) […]

%SystemRoot%\System32 Secrets: compact & convert

I’ve been quite busy for some time, so there is a quick run over two utilities: compact and convert. The first one can be used sometimes while the second, I think, has almost died out. Let’s take a look on them. compact Remember cipher? The same stuff: cipher deals with encryption, this one – with […]

%SystemRoot%\system32 secrets: cipher

Next command in my list is what you never remember about unless user comes in with a cry: “I’ve reset my password and now all my EFS-encrypted files are gone!!!”. Are you familiar with the situation? I am not, fortunately, but I heard some related horror stories. Backup the encryption keys is the key. And […]