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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Lync and fortunes

“Parachute for sale. Only used once, never opened, small stain” “Life is tough. Get a helmet” “I don’t have a smart phrase to share with you” Some people love to put sentences like these in their messenger. I, for sure, do. In case of OCS, you could do it manually. But really, only one message […]

Where’s mah mail, dude?! (meme edition)

One of the recent requests from a user stated that all his mail without even visiting Inbox went right into … Deleted Items folder. No problem – just find the rule which does that and remove or fix it. Simple as “one, two, three, doesn’t work”. Yep, after I had deleted all the rules the […]

TechEd is over

Well, that’s a bummer but still it’s over. It was great: 1) I met many friends (MVPs and not) 2) I answered a bunch of questions from visitors and got some more for my “home work” 3) I delivered my presentation without forgetting anything vital. I don’t have the questionnaire’s result yet, but I hope […]