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Monthly Archives: December 2012

#RuTeched: answering the questions. Does the Dynamic Access Control work over replication?

As I said previously my labs were a success, still I wasn’t able to answer some questions and promised to answer them later. the time has come for the first of them. One of the visitors told me that he had had an experience when some of files’ attributes wouldn’t replicate over DFSR and asked […]

#RutechEd: Lab Results

I have received survey results for my hands-on labs during TechEd Russia. And are they awesome! Both my labs are in top5, moreover, one of them is the first in the list! I’m thrilled to bits =) Many thanks to all visitors: you’ve created such an aim for me, that I’ve already started to think […]

MCPClub: DirectAccess explained

13 Dec 2012 I finished the season at Microsoft MCP Club Moscow. I spoke about DirectAccess in 2012 and why is it worth to implement even if you haven’t done it with previous version. As usual the audience was just excellent, they forgave me all the small mistakes I made, knew some of the material […]