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Trustworthy computing: non-SDL view. Part 2: non-corporate.

Do you think my latest post was about corporate products because only corporate products are subject to not being designed to be secure in deployment? No, consumer ones are built the same way. Say, the famous story about Windows Live Mail and Live Mail’s SSL. Till the recent changes you weren’t able to use both […]

#RuTeched: the results

A couple of days before the Security Track Lead for TechEd Russia sent me results of visitors’ survey. Well… It turns out that the results aren’t as good as I want them to be. Ok, I hope that partly this is because wrong description of my session (the one I’ve created for the event has […]

Microsoft Professional Advisory Services

Are you small enough to think of the Premier Support as of a crazy thing and, nevertheless, big enough to be not happy with reactive only support from MS? Do you want some proactive features without paying fortune for Premier or several fortunes for Alliance? The news is right for you, then. Let me quote […]

Microsoft hardware: it’s no joke ;,,)

Yeah, the guys have done really important job: from now on you don’t need to think what direction a battery has to go to to your device. Instaload technology is a very simple (as any brilliant idea): just place two contacts on each side of a battery slot instead of one. Now just put your […]

Protected: MCA: Discontinued

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Russian SP2 for Windows Server 2003 has been issued!

It is the news itself, actually. Get it here. Thanks a lot, guys from Server Business Group Microsoft for the news. Source (Rus).