My 2012 MVP Global Summit Experience (So Far)

I really only have a couple of things to say. First and most important is to say THANK YOU MICROSOFT for bringing all of together to Share in the vision, provide feedback, and listen to our feedback to expand the vision. Second and if I am totally honest our team of SharePoint MVPs have become my best friends, we share so many things in common and have have so many of the same issues that it would almost be impossible for us not to become close. But none of this would have been possible since we come from all corners of the world and may never get to spend enough time together to form these relationships if it wasn’t for the MVP Summit. So, once again I am humbled by the knowledge of my peers and look forward to any opportunities that are available to spend more time with them.

Thank you Melissa and Microsoft for making the 2012 MVP Global Summit and the SharePoint Server MVP Group one of the best experiences of my life and I look forward too hopefully being involved for many more years..





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