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SoCal Code Camp San Diego 2014 – June 28th & 29th @ UCSD Extensions

June 28th & 29th @ UCSD Extensions

Hello SoCal Developer Community,

It’s getting down to the wire with only two weeks to go. Many new sessions that have been added see if anything new piques your interest.

The Topics You Want!
With almost 80 sessions at present, we know that more will be added in the days ahead. Sessions on ASP.NET vNext, Visual Studio Online, Typescript, Game Dev and lots more!

Take a moment to show your interest on the sessions page, and, while there, add a session of your own in your area of expertise so that your developer peers will benefit! All platforms, programming languages, and disciplines are welcome!

Geek Dinner – We have great ideas bouncing around for our Saturday night Geek Dinner.  Food and beverage with our dev peers is the perfect way to share our excitement after day #1. Stay tuned!

ASP.NET vNext –
There’s lots of exciting things happening in the ASP.NET space! Be sure to check out and to stay up to date on ASP.NET and Web Tools. You can also follow @aspnet and for news, tutorials, videos, and much more. But that’s not all! We’re also on GitHub (yeah, I said it) at It’s a great day to be an ASP.NET developer on the Open Web.

Remember, CODE CAMP IS FREE!!!

June 28th and 29th!

RSVP Now at
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at SoCal Code Camp SD @ UCSD!



Cant wait to hang out with old friends…. See ya there!!!

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SharePoint Saturday Atlanta 2014–June 21


imageI hope you can attend one of my mew sessions on Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013. You can download the Demos and Scripts from

If you like to participate you know ask questions, I will be signing copies of my book “Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013” just for you. Also, I will have more than a few 16 and 32GB USB3 Flash Drives full of content on SharePoint 2007. 2010, and 2013 Admin, Developer, DBA, and Business User Content just5 for you

Speaker Dinner and Valet Parking

The festivities will kick off Friday evening, June 20th with the Speaker Dinner. We’d love to have you! Please confirm your attendance. In order to properly plan for the speaker dinner, we must have your RSVP no later than Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM EST. Please RSVP to

Speaker Dinner starts at 6:30 with a pre-dinner happy hour. Dinner Service starts at 7:30 PM.

Max Lager’s

  • 320 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
  • (404) 525-4400

Website  |  Yelp  |  Google Maps

If you could please take this opportunity to help us promote the event tell all of the SharePoint folks and Business User who want to know more about SharePoint 2013 we would greatly appreciate it! Please  Tweet at @SPS_ATL or use #SPSATL to get the word out and please feel free to link to our site at  Our event registration can be found here, #SPSATL 2014 on EventBrite. You never know there will probably be prizes for the folks with the most tweets about the event..

Parking and Event Location

clip_image005Georgia State University Student Center will host SharePoint Saturday Atlanta 2014.

Georgia State University Student Center

  • 44 Courtland St. SE
  • Atlanta, GA 30303.​

Parking will be available at the M-Deck at Georgia State. Parking is $7.00. The M-Deck is located directly across the street from the venue.

Please see the agenda for your timeslot and other event day logistics.

Again, thank you for your support!


Warm Regards,

SharePoint Saturday Atlanta Planning Committee

Developers Association of Georgia
615 Sailwind Drive
Roswell, GA 30076

Visit our new website for the latest info on #SPSATL2014!

I Don’t know where the after party “SharePint” Event is being held, but will let every one know as soon as I get the details in the mean time keep checking the website..

Oh I almost forgot to mention:this will be my first Business Intelligence presentation and Demo using only Voice Commands with SharePoint 2013 SP1 April 2014 CU, PowerShell, SQL Server 2014, and Windows Server 2012 R2 Update 1



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SharePoint 2013 Migrations, Are you having fun yet??

Wow what an incredible couple years SharePoint 2013 is still rockin on premise and online

Time Consuming Steps

However, there were two time consuming steps that didn’t have anything to do with the mechanics of the migration or the technology like moving WebParts, Pages, Items, Documents and creating Site Collections from Sites in Additional Content DBs.

  1. 1.The conversion of the Binary File Format documents to the OpenXML File Format.
  2. 2.Teaching folks why managed metadata is important and the creation of a Global Taxonomy, that includes Navigation

Luckily, there were two sources of information that made this easier but still not painless Waldeks Post – Building Global Navigation in SharePoint 2013 (it works) and the WAND Library. Unfortunately, though I have access to the Library the client did not choose to purchase the subscription so we didn’t get to take advantage of the huge library of terms.

WAND has started offering its entire catalog of taxonomies from the cloud, where you have the ability to subscribe monthly and download the parts that your Client needs to either start their taxonomy or fill out their taxonomy.  I have just been through a relatively easy migration 8 Content Dbs and a small 1TB of Content.

Missing Tools for In-Flight Conversion of Site Columns

The largest notable part missing, though metalogix will help you modify Multi-Choice Site Columns to Managed Metadata Site Columns In-Flight, there are NOT ANY migration products that will convert your binary File Format documents to the OpenXML File Format.

The Microsoft tools like Office Migration Planner will not work with a mapped drive using WebDav, but you can still use PowerShell though we found it was actually better to use a staging Farm, Convert all of your Documents using Word Automation Service. then perform a final migration where we modify the columns In-Flight to take advantage of the managed Metadata Site Columns.

This is important, if you want to take advantage of changing the Multi-Choice Site Columns to managed Metadata Site Columns In-Flight. Because if you have not converted all of your RTFs, HTMs, DOCs to DOCX then you will lose the metadata associated with these documents.

I’m not sure why metavis, sharegate, metalogix, tsunami or others do not build document conversion into their products since we need to be moving off the Binary format for many reasons and embracing the OpenXML Format




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