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SharePoint Saturday San Diego 2014

Don’t miss the upcoming SharePoint Saturday – San Diego on November 15th!


This is a FREE one-day event hosted by the San Diego SharePoint User Group and will feature sessions for end-users, business users, IT professionals and developers. There will also be a track dedicated to Office 365! 

Who Should Attend

SharePoint administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

Where will the event be held

imageUCSD Extension located at

6256 Greenwich Drive, San Diego, CA.




Who will be presenting

This event has confirmed many other nationally recognized SharePoint speakers and Microsoft SharePoint MVPs! Check out the Speakers page on If you are looking to enhance your knowledge of any aspect of SharePoint and/or network with other SharePoint professionals, we strongly encourage you to attend this community event.  image

Why you should attend

Beyond the knowledge and networking, this event will be a blast. There will be a large prize raffle and of course, a ‘SharePint’ social event in the evening. We hope to see you there! Please visit the SharePoint Saturday – San Diego site for more information or to review the recently published speaker schedule. For those of you on twitter, please tweet about this event using the #SPSSD hashtag.

Please register right away! See you there! Register Here!

Who are the Sponsors




Ivan Sanders

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SharePoint Saturday Atlanta 2014–June 21


imageI hope you can attend one of my mew sessions on Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013. You can download the Demos and Scripts from

If you like to participate you know ask questions, I will be signing copies of my book “Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013” just for you. Also, I will have more than a few 16 and 32GB USB3 Flash Drives full of content on SharePoint 2007. 2010, and 2013 Admin, Developer, DBA, and Business User Content just5 for you

Speaker Dinner and Valet Parking

The festivities will kick off Friday evening, June 20th with the Speaker Dinner. We’d love to have you! Please confirm your attendance. In order to properly plan for the speaker dinner, we must have your RSVP no later than Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM EST. Please RSVP to

Speaker Dinner starts at 6:30 with a pre-dinner happy hour. Dinner Service starts at 7:30 PM.

Max Lager’s

  • 320 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
  • (404) 525-4400

Website  |  Yelp  |  Google Maps

If you could please take this opportunity to help us promote the event tell all of the SharePoint folks and Business User who want to know more about SharePoint 2013 we would greatly appreciate it! Please  Tweet at @SPS_ATL or use #SPSATL to get the word out and please feel free to link to our site at  Our event registration can be found here, #SPSATL 2014 on EventBrite. You never know there will probably be prizes for the folks with the most tweets about the event..

Parking and Event Location

clip_image005Georgia State University Student Center will host SharePoint Saturday Atlanta 2014.

Georgia State University Student Center

  • 44 Courtland St. SE
  • Atlanta, GA 30303.​

Parking will be available at the M-Deck at Georgia State. Parking is $7.00. The M-Deck is located directly across the street from the venue.

Please see the agenda for your timeslot and other event day logistics.

Again, thank you for your support!


Warm Regards,

SharePoint Saturday Atlanta Planning Committee

Developers Association of Georgia
615 Sailwind Drive
Roswell, GA 30076

Visit our new website for the latest info on #SPSATL2014!

I Don’t know where the after party “SharePint” Event is being held, but will let every one know as soon as I get the details in the mean time keep checking the website..

Oh I almost forgot to mention:this will be my first Business Intelligence presentation and Demo using only Voice Commands with SharePoint 2013 SP1 April 2014 CU, PowerShell, SQL Server 2014, and Windows Server 2012 R2 Update 1



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There’s a lot more to life than just working to support yourself

I Just received my daily email from and this is the first time I have ever reposted anything from an email… But I don’t think I could have said it better or as eloquently as Steve Jones has done below…


There’s a lot more to life than just working to support yourself. Sometimes you need to do just that, but often we have more flexibility to enjoy and appreciate the world around us.

We can take joy and pleasure in the experiences we have, the people we encounter, and the accomplishments we achieve. However there’s another part of life that I think is important for everyone, and that’s giving of yourself to help others.

I believe that almost everyone should volunteer their time or resources and give back to society. We should all work to make this a better world for everyone.

Whether this is through a church, a non-profit, your local community or some other way, we are all better off for the efforts.

I also believe this isn’t something you do constantly throughout your life, though if please feel free to do so. Some of us will volunteer when we are young, some when we retire. The important thing is that when we are able to do so, we act.

Giving of yourself helps others, and it can provide you with positive feelings. It can also be good for your career. This piece talks a bit about the traits of those people that give, and it seems they often find their own personal success grows. This is because the way they view themselves, their time, and their accomplishments, changes when they help others. Volunteering can reduce stress, and may help you enjoy your job more. That last item might be the most important reason of all.

This is something you can learn to do, by making time to help others at work, or in your life. Please be sure to balance this with the rest of your life, but you might find that taking a little of your free time to help others ends up improving the quality of your life, well beyond the price you pay in accomplishing less yourself. However please volunteer because you want to, not because you want to look good or add an item to your resume. Give because you want to give.

Steve Jones from SQLServerCentral.comJoin the debate, and respond to today’s editorial on the forums

This single editorial will ensure that I continue read with enthusiasm all of the email I receive from To submit an article, rant or editorial, log in to the Contribution Center

Steve, this is a great editorial!!! I was just having this conversation with my son Jonathan earlier today,we have a responsibility to give back to our communities in which we live and to make the world a better place. You could not have summed up my thoughts any better as I look back at the past few years, where I have been very blessed to be part of a team and to be able to to give back to the folks who enjoy being a part of the community..

Thank you !!!




Microsoft Technical Communities – Leaders & Speakers Wanted

Many folks already know. But, I have found that there are still quite a few community leaders and speakers that may not be aware of the benefits to joining the Microsoft Technical Communities or that it exists. I made this assumption once I noticed all of the User Groups and Events that are not listed yet?

Part of the reason may be that UGSS has evolved into Microsoft Technical Communities and folks haven’t registered, just click on the link below and if you’re a Microsoft Community Leader (User Group or Event Organizer) or Community Speaker please register. I was a member of the UGSS but never received any information from the change to the new site, well maybe I did and don’t know. The cool thing is now we are getting the attention, time, training etc that will help all of us within our communities even more…. Once you have registered you will receive an email from MSTC within 3 days…

BTW – This is the only way I know of to request and receive re-imbursement for a part of the expense of supporting our community from Microsoft.. 



After you sign-in, just click on the type of UserID your using and you will get further instruction, just click next and enter your UserName and Password and you will receive a WebPage like the one below where you can choose a role Community Leader or Community Speaker. Information will be filtered based on the role you choose. This actually caused me to walk through the site a couple of times. However, you can choose both roles..



In order to get full access to membership, you will need to complete your profile.  Your profile is not saved until the last page when you click Submit.  Your Microsoft Technical Communities Profile is used to customize this site. The information you indicate below will filter the content that you receive so that you will only see information that is of interest to you. Keep your profile up to date so you can get the most from your Microsoft Technical Communities experience. Please note that your personal information will be visible to other community members on the website.


Read and Accept the EULA and click next, read and accept the Code of Conduct and click next, Read and Accept the Terms of use and click next, complete your Registration and Profile information note you should have your MCP, MVP, MCT IDs available as necessary






Once you have completed the registration process you can begin by associating yourself with the Microsoft UserGroups in your Community If your UserGroup isn’t listed, spread the word today to all of your user Community Leaders but don’t forget your favorite Speakers as we need your love too…




SPSSV SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley June 22nd Session Schedule

I have included the SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley Session Schedule below. I hope to see everyone there or at Build 2013 next week in San Francisco. I will be uploading my Session Presentation to SlideShare tomorrow with links to the SharePoint 2013 Demo Builds that you can find to download on Codeplex @


Our book on Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013 was just listed this morning on the Microsoft Press Blog Site


Dive into the business intelligence features in SharePoint 2013—and use the right combination of tools to deliver compelling solutions. Take control of business intelligence (BI) with the tools offered by SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft SQL Server® 2012. Led by a group of BI and SharePoint experts, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for understanding how to use these technologies best in specific BI scenarios—whether you’re a SharePoint administrator, SQL Server developer, or business analyst.

Manage the entire BI lifecycle, from determining key performance indicators to buildingdashboards Use web-based Microsoft Excel® services and publish workbooks on a SharePoint Server. Mash up data from multiple sources and create Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) using PowerPivot
Create data-driven diagrams that provide interactive processes and context with Microsoft Visio® Services

Use dashboards, scorecards, reports, and key performance indicators to monitor and analyze your business
Use SharePoint to view BI reports side by side, no matter which tools were used to produced them

Also, I will have a bunch of O’Reilly and Microsoft Press Coupon’s with 50% off Codes that I will be handing out to you in addition to 16 x 16GB Flash Drives that are are full of Content from SharePoint 2010 and 2013 including the SharePoint 2013 Demo Builds.

So, lets have fun and enjoy the awesome weather of Silicon Valley Southern California


I look forward to hanging with all the SharePoint Peeps without you I wouldn’t have any friends, its kind of what happens when you bury your head in SharePoint Development for 9 years, I am so lucky and blessed that I have been given this opportunity to learn from all of you. Thank you for friendship and your time this weekend…


If you want a signed copy of the book and you missed the last book signing 2 weeks ago in New Orleans for TechEd NA please leave a comment and I will see what I can do to get it done…


Ohh a couple of last minute updates have you seen the new Microsoft Forums Sites

If you haven’t check it out they have been give a much need facelift, its take a little bit of getting used to but definitely is a step in the right direction






MVPs represent the best and brightest in technical communities, generously sharing their deep knowledge and hands-on expertise with people around the world.






MVPs Showcase Windows Azure to Thousands

Xbox MVP Helps Kids in the Hospital and Troops Overseas Stay in the Game

  • Read more…

  • It also includes sections on stuff Like Community Champs.

Community Champs


Have fun SharePoint ROCKS!!!!

-Ivan @iasanders

SPSLA SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles May 18th Session Schedule

The SharePoint Saturday Session Schedule is below with a link to the larger PDF that you can download from if your having issues with the links from the Home Page please use the link above…

Apparently the site works for FireFox and earlier versions of IE but not IE10


The SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles Speakers you should follow on twitter

    • @coreyroth Corey Roth
  • @davidsamoranski  David Samoranski
  • @delacruz_rafael  Rafael de la Cruz
  • @ericoverfield  Eric Overfield
  • @ginammontgomery  Gina Montgomery
  • @givenscj  Chris Givens
  • @hippopath  Walt Hodgson
  • @iasanders  Ivan Sanders
  • @jshuey  Jeff Shuey
  • @KimFrehe  Kim Frehe
  • @klopmp  Kenneth Lo, PMP
  • @latenighttechie  Mayank Malik
  • @mrbarrett  Matthew R. Barrett
  • @msshushu  Shereen Qumsieh
  • @nateauchter  Nathaniel Auchter
  • @nmoneypenny  Naomi Moneypenny
  • @olenickSP  Paul Olenick
  • @ryanmcintyre  Ryan McIntyre
  • @sharepointac  Andrew Clark
  • @SharePointGiant  Shaun Nichols
  • @sharepointninja  Michael Doyle
  • @SLKRCK  Rick Taylor
  • @spappcenter  Anthony Pham
  • @tmccart1  Tim McCarthy
  • @tomcastiglia  Tom Castiglia
  • @tweetraw  Randy Williams
  • @ZlatanDzinic  Zlatan Dzinic
  • Also, I know you don’t want to miss my sessions on Business Intelligence:
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013
    Please join Ivan Sanders for this Business Intelligence session on the SharePoint and the Office set of BI features to build and integrate data-driven spreadsheets and applications with SharePoint 2013. This session will cover topics such as PowerPivot, PerformancePoint Services, Reporting Services, Excel Services, KPIs, and much more using SharePoint 2013 SQL 2012 with Windows 8
  • · Using something the know and providing the company with something they need

  • · Building score cards from scratch using only Excel
  • · Combining Scorecards and Reports into Dashboards
  • · Using only Excel to create SQL Reports
  • · Saving an Excel PowerPivot to a SQL Analysis Services Cube

Build Self-Service Business Intelligence Demos to Build your Business
Please join Ivan Sanders for this Business Intelligence session on Building Business Intelligence Demo without any effort. Through the use of Content Pack Concept for Self-service BI, ECM, Search and BigData, we hope to bring you the ability to use the same demos we have built based with examples like Contoso Medical, Great White Gears, Contoso Schools, AdventureWorks Camping Supplies, TailSpinToys, Contoso Casino, and more.  Using the Codeplex Project SharePoint 2013 BI & ECM Demo Builds with SQL 2012 SP1 and we will show you how ro do the following with just a few clicks”

· How to create a Domain Controller for the Domain

  • · Add 300 Users to the Contoso Domain
  • · Install SQL with 3 AS Instances Tabular. MultiDimensional and PowerPivot
  • · Install SharePoint with reporting Services and PowerPivot Configured
  • · Create the self Service Business Intelligence Demos for Tailspin Toys, Contoso, Auto Sales, Contoso Oil and Gas, and AdvertureWorks Cycle Shop

Also, If your going to be at TechEd NA 2013 in New Orleans stop by the O’Reilly Booth during the welcome session on Monday June 3rd between 715pm and 8pm  for and autographed copy of Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013

If I miss you at SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles, hopefully I will see you soon at either SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs, TechEd NA 2013, SharePoint Saturday Atlanta, SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley or Teched EU 2013 in Madrid.

Have fun!! and if you live in the Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, or San Diego areas and want to get free content in addition to all of the sessions I will be giving away sixteen 16GB Flash Drives with nothing but free Content that includes Labs, Tools, Guidance, Best Practices, Scripts and Code for Business Users, Admins, Developers, and DBAs then don’t miss SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles…



SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles 2013

Are you ready to be a SharePoint STAR Los Angeles?

Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint for ‘SharePoint Saturday’, on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at Santa Monica College.

SharePoint Saturday is an educational, informative & lively event filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & MVPs, covering a wide variety of SharePoint-orientated topics.

SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint! Meet accomplished technology leaders, network with your peers and increase your proficiency in SharePoint in a fun and free environment.

Event Details:

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served at the venue.
  • Wireless access will be provided so you can follow along with your mobile Twitter client.
  • Follow us now with hash tag #SPSLA
  • Get more information at

Register today so your spot is saved!

Come down to Santa Monica, enjoy the beach and ocean breezes along with this wonderful campus and then join me for two new sessions on Self Service Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013

  • Business Intelligence Demo Builds
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013

Check out a few clips from SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles 2011, and the Santa Monica College Campus


Call for Speakers Open

#SPSLA Call for Speakers is now open! You can submit speaker information and session abstracts using our online form:

Deadline for entries is April 19th. However, we will be making early announcements of speakers. The final list of speakers will be announced April 30th. One more note, we have some different tracks that most of you may not have seen before:

  • Business User: Includes end user and business executives.
  • IT Pro / Admin: Infrastructure architecture, operations, management and administration including PowerShell.
  • Developer & User Experience: Coded solutions, no code development, branding and end to end technical solutions.
  • Integrations: Includes a product, add-on, or service. Could include Microsoft products like Exchange but also vendor products and services.
  • Lightning Talks (15-20 min.): Held at a sponsor booth, you must list which Gold or Silver sponsor booth you’ll be speaking. Attendee will have 25 mins between sessions.




SharePoint Saturday – Utah January 19th

Join us SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013 for ‘SharePoint Saturday’ event.  Follow Us On Twitter #SPSUTAH

SharePoint Saturday Utah is an educational, informative & lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & MVPs, covering a wide variety of SharePoint topics.  SharePoint Saturday Utah is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint!

Come join us on January 19th! at the Miller Campus bears the name of its benefactors, Larry H. and Gail Miller owners of the Utah Jazz and Miller Enterprises which includes other sport and businesses in the region.

9750 S 300 W. Sandy, UT  84070 Phone: 801-957-5200

The Miller Campus houses SLCC’s Culinary Institute, continuing education classes, The Miller Business Resource Center, The Miller Business Innovation Center and a conference center. 

If you can take Friday off all your favorite SharePoint Peeps will be hitting the slopes at Brighton Park. 

Brighton Resort 12601 E. Big Cottonwood Canyon Brighton, Utah 84121 Phone: 801-532-4731


I will be speaking on the Practical Business Intelligence with SharePoint 2013

Registration is Open:



Best Practices and Practical Deployment Aspects of Business Intelligence with SharePoint 2013, SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012

I am very lucky in that I have been accepted to present on Business Intelligence Best Practices at a few upcoming SharePoint Saturdays which I hope all of you will attend.

This session is primarily based on walking you through demos on the Design, Development and Deployment of Business Intelligence Objects following SharePoint Best Practices in all aspects from Design to Deployment methodologies of SharePoint 2013. This session will start with a very quick walk through the foundational aspects of Business intelligence when integrated with SharePoint along Best practices in the Design, Development and deployment of Business Intelligence solutions in SharePoint Server 2013, with SQL Server 2012, on Windows Server 2012 that will include Analysis Services Solutions, with PowerPivot, PowerView and Reporting Services, Excel and Visio Services.

Also, Norm and Ivan will walk through the governance issues surrounding the deployment of SharePoint 2013 in general and the Business Intelligence Aspects in specific. In addition, Norm will quickly explain practical paths for designing tabular models in PowerPivot and the SQL Server Data Tools environment. He will explain decision points such as hybrid approaches with Direct Query, and include best practices for automating data refresh in SharePoint and scheduling processing in Analysis Services.

The session includes a thorough demo of creating an Odata feed from SharePoint lists and SQL Azure to relate a date table for quickly showing aspects of time intelligence. The demo will continue by showing how to create partitions in SQL Server 2012 and schedule data refresh (with an interval of 15 minutes) using XMLA. Lastly, the team will discuss how to choose the right Business Intelligence tools to start using now so you can show immediate results while planning for the future evolution of your SharePoint Business Intelligence Dashboards.. All demos are built on Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, and SharePoint Server 2013.

clip_image001I have been very blessed this year to be working on the Second edition of the Business Intelligence in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with the illustrious group of Norman P. Warren, Mariano Teixeira Neto, John Campbell, Stacia Misner the author’s of the First edition Business Intelligence in Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Norm currently works for to help people discover, preserve and share their family history. Norm was previously a writer for PerformancePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010 at Microsoft, and has written articles on PerformancePoint Server for the information worker, IT Pro, and SQL Server BI developer audiences. Norm has his Master’s degree in computer information technology and is currently earning his MBA with an emphasis in financial accounting.

Norm has an active member of the community to provide the right content about Microsoft business intelligence such the SharePoint BI poster (Visio ( His past time is with his family, mountain biking, and sharing his passion of BI in SharePoint.

Norm will be joining me for the first two in an upcoming series of SharePoint Saturdays during the next few months. The first of this series is coming up on September 22nd 2012 in Redmond WA. at the Microsoft Conference Center. Where if you are like me and have a passion for all things Microsoft then you know its one of the best cities in the world ad I hope you will join us for this event and the place to register is

The second in the series will be held ion Bend OR. on October 6th 2012 at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon. If you were unable to join us in Redmond then this is the event we hope you can attend due to the numerous seasoned experts, MVPs and MCMs alike. Please don’t forget to register

The last in the series leading up to the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas Nevada will be held in Sacramento California on October 13th 2012 at the Woodlake Hotel near the Cal Expo in downtown Sacramento. I was fortunate enough to be the keynote speaker last year and the number of people attending and the excellent venue made this one of the highlights of my year of presenting at many SharePoint Saturdays of which I was privileged. Registration is open

Last I would like to thank the many sponsors that make all of the free SharePoint Saturday events possible:
























If you have been in the SharePoint industry  for any length of time you may be able to tell from the number of sponsors with SharePoint products and services, the SharePoint community is getting better very year and becoming more vibrant every day.

Thank You to ALL our SPONSORS and VOLUNTEERS for making SharePoint Saturdays possible…