Free TS CALs for SBSers

This is awesome! Get free 5 TS CALs if you buy SBS2k3 + Win2k/2k3. But, you have to hurry because it is only valid from November 1st, 2004 to February 28th, 2005. Order them here:

I just learned about this when Gavin blogged it today (read the whole article). I’m not sure how this slipped under my radar. Kudos to Gavin!

New Info: Apparently this offer is only valid in Canada. I’m waiting for confirmation, but it appears to be that way. 🙁

How to Install Peachtree Classic v11 on Windows XP

This has nothing to do with SBS… so, you can probably stop reading now.

I’m avid user of Peachtree (although my “area of expertise“ are the Classic and 2000 versions). I used to spend a lot of time (and still do) on and PeachtreeForums. If I had a cent for each time I have answered this question I would have enough to buy a coffee J. So, I decided to post it here for future reference (I apologize for going Off Topic).

Little Know Fact: I “met” Chad Gross long before either one of us became SBS MVPs on the Peachtree newsgroup. In fact, he was the one who introduced me to the SBS2000 newsgroup. It’s a very small (virtual) world!!!

Install Peachtree Classic

– Use the setup disks and install it. Since I hate to use floppies… for future installations it might be a good idea to install it on a workstation and copy the content of the C:\PCA directory to a CD then create a .bat file that copies the entire content back to the PC. This way you have created your own PCA v11 CD.

Create the Shortcut

– Right click on a empty space on the desktop and select New -> Shorcut

– A wizard should appear and in the “Location of the item” put: C:\PCA\PCA.BAT and click Next (do not use NETPEACH.EXE). Type a name for the shorcut and click Finish.

– Right Click the newly created shorcut and select properties. On the Options tab and select Full Screen in Display Options. Go to the Layout tab and put the following settings:

Screen Buffer Size and Window Size
Width: 80
Height: 25

– Click “OK”… that should do the trick.

Note: Peachtree v11 cannot run on Windowed mode on XP/2000 (it becomes painfully slow). That;s why we have to do this.

Set the Enviromental Variables

– Right-click My Computer and select properties. Go to the Advanced Tab and click on Enviromental Variables.

– On “System Variables” press New and put “Overlay_Heap“ as the variable name and “1“ as the value. Repeat this step with “PC3ID“ as the variable name and “CO“ as the value.

– Open C:\Windows\System32\Config.NT with Notepad and add/modify so it says “Files =100“.

That should do the trick! Reboot the PC just in case.

How to add a Mac OS X to an SBS domain


First of all, I would like to apologize for lack of blog posts recently, things are a little hectic around here and I also have a big (relative terms) SBS rollout in December.

Although, I’m not a Mac person myself many SBSers in the newsgroups have asked numerous times how to integrate them to the SBS lan. Fortunately, the great people behind MS listened and the SBS documentation team blog just released a preliminary document on “Connecting Mac OS X 10.3 and Higher Clients to a Windows Small Business Server 2003 Network“. It looks pretty good to me… kudos to the doc team on getting this out!

Tip-> Remember that if you plan to install Macs in your SBS domain and you haven’t installed SBS yet do not use .local for your AD domain name. Instead use .lan, .smb or .whatever. It will make your life easier.

Oh… Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

How to create an “Offer Remote Assistance” shortcut

One of the features I like most about Windows XP (and SBS 2003) is Remote Assistance. In particular, I love being able to offer unsolicited remote assistance to my users (i.e. without them initiating the RA session, this way the user only has to click “ok” on the RA popup). This translates on helping users faster, not to mention that you can enjoy margaritas from the confort of your home while you help users. ow that I think about it… those “Earn $$$ while sitting in front of your PC at home” scams on the internet might be true after all.

Anyway, going back to the point… since I use this feature a lot and its somewhat hidden on XP (not so much in SBS) I thought it would be a good idea to create a link in my desktop (and/or the server desktop) to offer RA to users in distress. To do this, simply create a shortcut that points to:

%windir%\explorer.exe “hcp://CN=Microsoft%20Corporation,L=Redmond,S=Washington,C=US/Remote%20Assistance/Escalation/Unsolicited/Unsolicitedrcui.htm”

Now, I only have to connect to the site, double click there and type the address (talk about being lazy!). 🙂

Happy RA-ing!



Will you roll out XP SP2 now?

Since XP SP2 was released (and even before that) I have been hearing a lot of people complaining about implementing it. That’s why I was pleased to hear that SP2 adoption was much larger in SMBs than in big enterprises, this was a welcomed surprise. Of course, we all are very aware of Susan’s 2×4 influence in the SMB community (so its this might not be a surprise after all).

Anyway, if you haven’t deployed XP SP2 by now… What are you waiting for? I think this article by Larry Seltzer on eWeek states pretty much what I have been thinking:,1759,1724107,00.asp

The bottom line is that if you have not deployed XP SP2 yet… you must be crazy! Can you hear Susan’s 2×4 swinging over your head?

Jeff’s Swing Migration Site is live!

I don’t know how this slipped under my radar, but I just noticed that Jeff’s swing migration site is now live:

If you don’t know what a Swing Migration is, I encourage you to read more about it. If you are an SMB consultant the swing migration can save you a lot of hard work and it has the benefits that is mostly done offline and works with a much broader set of migration conditions than other methods.

Also, keep checking the site regularly because Jeff will keep improving the site will interesting subjects and methos like:

  • Server Hardware Swap – Recovery or Migration
  • Storage Subsystem – Substitution, Transition, Upgrades
  • Server and Site Down Recovery Plans
  • Rapid Resolutions for Disaster Recovery
  • User Groups

    Last week was hectic and I didn’t have much time to post. However, even when this happened a week ago I must still say it: User Groups are awesome (as if you didn’t know that already).

    Long story short, a while ago I was really bummed that there were no (active) SBS user groups near me. Thanks to Chad (a.k.a. Mr. Sharepoint) now I’m on 2 user groups. After I signed up I didn’t really know what to expect on the meetings, but as soon as I got there all my doubts vanished. Both meetings were great and surprisingly very different. It was so good to have people who you can really speak geek/shop talk. 🙂

    So, if you live in Maryland, D.C. or Virginia I encourage you to join (SBS DC User Group and Chesapeake Bay IT User Group). Kudos to Levent Onen and David Shaffer for starting these awesome groups.