Register Today For TECHbash 2008

TECHbash 2008 | May 10th at Luzerne County Community College

Since its inception in 2005, TECHbash has evolved into the premier technology conference in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Join an estimated 300 Developers, IT Professionals, CIO’s and Industry Experts from Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and host-state, Pennsylvania. This one day event brings together a broad spectrum of Technology Professionals to network, knowledge share and discuss existing technology solutions to business challenges, as well as preview prerelease products on the bleeding edge.

This year, we expanded to three tracks offering more presentations and providing you with more content choices representing a greater breadth of Industry insight. We will open the event with a keynote presentation from the unstoppable juggernaut, Joe Stagner, Program Manager for Microsoft’s Web Tools and Platform Division.Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance technical knowledge with comprehensive and relevant educational content

  • Build experience on current and soon-to-be released technologies and products

  • Engage with sponsors, presenters, and other technology professionals

  • Learn how to get involved with .NET Valley, Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Technology User Group

  • Leave with software and other swag
For more information and to register for the event, visit the TECHbash website at

How To: Properly Reference A JavaScript File

Wow. After 2 hours of pain and suffering, I ran into my own daily WTF. I had some script contained within a .js file in my web. Like many times before, I created a reference to the script in the header. However, the script would only work in the Internet Explorer family and not in Firefox. After some aggrevation (and my Starbuck’s Pike Place Roast kicking in) I realized that the MIME type was set to text/jscript instead of text/javascript. I wish we can modify IntelliSense locally to get items added/removed as needed.

XAML Tip: Adding a Line Break to a TextBlock

I’m just starting to mess with XAML as I’m looking to see what I can do with it. As I come across some pretty basic tasks that I’m struggling with, I’ll post about it in case any other newbies run into the same issue. One of my first tasks was to create some text on a canvas. However, I couldn’t figure out how to do a line break. After searching Live and Google in an attempt to find something, I finally did (on page 3 of each engine). There is an object called <LineBreak/> that will perform a line break in your text. For example:

<TextBlock Margin=”5,5,5,5″>This is line 1.<LineBreak/>This is line 2.</TextBlock>

April Fools? Yahoo Accepts Bid To Be Bought Out By Microsoft

I just noticed that my RSS feed reader had a new posting from InfoWorld about Yahoo accepting a bid to be bought out by Microsoft. The URL contains the words “april” and “fools” and it would make sense as I believe they have pulled a stunt like this before. However, to someone who may forget the day of the year, this may seem like a believable story. Here it is:

I like the whole employee compensation section with Microsoft giving an Xbox and Zune to all employees they decide to retain. It’s a nice touch.