Professional ASP.NET 4.5 in C# and VB

On May 3rd, Wrox Press released Professional ASP.NET 4.5 in C# and VB. I co-authored this book with two Microsoft employees (Pranav Rastogi and Scott Hanselman)as well as two Microsoft MVPs (Christian Wenz and Todd Miranda). The book is packed with the most current information about ASP.NET 4.5. It is also the only book I am aware of that explains One ASP.NET. The foreword for this book is written by Scott Hunter of the ASP.NET team.

There are ten parts, 35 chapters, 7 appendixes, and nearly 1500 pages in this book. Here’s the table of contents for the book:

  • Part 1: ASP.NET Fundamentals
    • Chapter 1: One ASP.NET
    • Chapter 2: HTML5 and CSS3 Design with ASP.NET
    • Chapter 3: ASP.NET Web Forms Structure
  • Part 2: Controls
    • Chapter 4: ASP.NET Server Controls
    • Chapter 5: ASP.NET Web Server Controls
    • Chapter 6: Validation Server Controls
    • Chapter 7: User and Server Controls
  • Part 3: Data Access
    • Chapter 8: Data Binding
    • Chapter 9: Model Binding
    • Chapter 10: Querying with LINQ
    • Chapter 11: Entity Framework
    • Chapter 12: ASP.NET Dynamic Data
    • Chapter 13: Working with Services
  • Part IV: Providers
    • Chapter 14: Introduction to the Provider Model
    • Chapter 15: Extending the Provider Model
  • Part V: ASP.NET Features
    • Chapter 16: Working with Master Pages
    • Chapter 17: Site Navigation
    • Chapter 18: Personalization
    • Chapter 19: Membership and Role Management
    • Chapter 20: Security
  • Part VI: Application State
    • Chapter 21: State Management
    • Chapter 22: Caching
  • Part VII: Client-Side Development
    • Chapter 23: ASP.NET AJAX
    • Chapter 24: AJAX Control Toolkit
    • Chapter 25: jQuery
    • Chapter 26: Real-time Communication
    • Chapter 27: Developing Websites with Mobile in Mind
  • Part VIII: Application Configuration and Deployment
    • Chapter 28: Configuration
    • Chapter 29: Debugging and Error Handling
    • Chapter 30: Modules and Handlers
    • Chapter 31: Asynchronous Communication
    • Chapter 32: Building Global Applications
    • Chapter 33: Packaging and Deploying ASP.NET
  • Part IX: Additional ASP.NET Technologies
    • Chapter 34: ASP.NET MVC
    • Chapter 35: ASP.NET Web Pages and Razor
  • Part X: Appendixes
    • Appendix A: Migrating Older ASP.NET Projects
    • Appendix B: COM Integration
    • Appendix C: ASP.NET Ultimate Tools
    • Appendix D: Administration and Management
    • Appendix E: Dynamic Types and Languages
    • Appendix F: ASP.NET Online Resources
    • Appendix G: Visual Studio Extensibility with NuGet

You can pick up a copy at Amazon by visiting If you do pick up a copy, be sure to post a review of the book on your own blog, on Amazon, or via the forums on

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