What I don’t like about iPhone

A couple of weeks ago I caved in to peer pressure and got myself an iPhone 3G 16GB (probably very stupid since the 3rd generation iPhone is released next week). Before I tell you what I don’t like about this phone I should probably mention that I do love the iPhone, but nothing is ever so good that it doesn’t have room for improvements. I’m also aware that many of the things I will comment on here are being addressed in version 3 but I’m still amazed that some of these features are not available already.

OK, here’s the list:

  • Copy and Paste.
    Why in the name of everything that is holy didn’t the iPhone support Copy and Paste from version 1? Come on, I got my first Nokia phone in the early ‘90s and it had Copy and Paste back then.
  • MMS
    Que? A 3G camera phone that doesn’t allow me to send MMS? Come on…
  • On Screen Keyboard
    Why can’t I tilt the phone while writing a SMS and get the wide-screen keyboard layout like I can in the web browser? I have big fingers and want the slightly larger buttons I get that way. The same goes for typing notes, or adding appointments to the calendar.
  • Low resolution camera.
    This will only be slightly better in the next version, but come on, most new phones have at least a 5 megapixel camera, some have a lot more.
  • Video
    Since the camera itself is able to record video why wasn’t that available earlier?
  • True GPS
    While driving I need to hear the directions being read to me. I don’t always have a passenger beside me that can read them to me.
  • Step into text
    The magnifying glass that appears when you press and hold your finger over the text area you’ve just typed in is pretty cool but not very intuitive, it took me a while before I noticed and learned how to step back into a line of text to correct a typo without deleting everything I’d typed after it. I’ve also noticed that sometimes this magnifying glass appears in the wrong spot so that you actually don’t see where you put the text caret. This is especially true when browsing the web and typing in web forms.
  • I like that the on screen keyboard adopts itself when I type an address into the address field of the Safari browser. Replacing the space bar with three other buttons containing the period, slash, and a “.com” button. This is great since an URL can’t contain any spaces while dots and slashes are pretty common. Switching over to the numeric keyboard from here also shows less buttons than while typing anywhere else. Also a good idea, only show buttons with valid characters. However the thing is that parentheses are valid characters and some addresses do use them (IMHO a bad habit but still valid) but there are no parentheses buttons on the keyboard.
  • BUG!
    Sometimes, granted not very often, after synchronizing the phone with iTunes all downloaded applications stops working. They might show their splash screen and then simply die. When that happened to me I did a Google search and found that many others had had the same problem… Some of them going back more than a year back. Why haven’t this been fixed with new updates to iTunes? Is it just because Apple have the motto: It just works (and when it doesn’t we don’t want to hear about it).

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