Directory of PowerShell User Groups

[UPDATE] I decided to setup a seperate page for this directory so that it doesn’t get lost in the mists of time. You can get to that directly at I won’t be making any further updates to this post, but I will keep that page as up to date as possible.

The announcement of the creation of the new Upstate New York PowerShell Users Group made me wonder if there was a list somewhere of all the worldwide PowerShell user groups and script clubs. Since one didn’t jump out at me from Bing or Google, I thought I’d make one (which turns out to not be so easy when you only know “user group” in English!).

Like all such lists, I’m bound to have missed some, so let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to keep this post updated.


UK PowerShell User Group
Typically meets in or near Microsoft’s UK offices in London or Reading, but also streams on Live Meeting.

PowerShell Anwendergruppe
German speaking IT Pro group supporting all PowerShell topics. Based in Munich and normally meeting in the Microsoft Campus in Unterschleißheim.

Scandinavian PowerShell User Group
A PowerShell user group for everyone in Scandinavia. English spoken site with local country groups.

La community Italiana di Windows PowerShell 
Italian PowerShell Community.

North America

Virtual PowerShell User Group
Not location specific (uses Live Meeting), but I’ve included it under North America because I believe Marco runs it from his secret lair in a hollowed-out volcano in Canada.

Florida PowerShell User Group

Seattle PowerShell Script Club

Michigan PowerShell Script Club

Central Ohio PowerShell Users Group

Upstate NY PowerShell Users Group


The Australian PowerShell User Group in Perth

Brisbane Powershell Usergroup Australia


If you’re interested in setting up a user group in your area, check out the support you can get from

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