NEBytes Bytecast

Back in May I posted about starting a podcast with the rest of the guys who run the North East Bytes usergroup – the idea being that we would chat about some things that would be relevant to the folks who attend the NEBytes meetings, i.e. I.T. professionals and software developers working (mainly) with Microsoft products. Relevancy is a fairly subjective thing, but we’re covering a fairly broad area from products aimed at corporates, to smartphones and other stuff that’s more in the consumer space. It’s not all about Microsoft since we’re interested in a whole load of related (and less related) technologies.

We’ve now recorded four episodes, and while I wouldn’t say that we’ve perfected the formula, it’s definitely improving. We’ve increased the speed of editing and releasing, and we’ve gone from trying to cover everything that we’ve found remotely interesting to focusing on a few areas. It’s so much better that I would suggest you just think of episode 4 as episode 1 and forget that the others actually happened! 😉

We’ve also got our act together and sorted our a proper NEBytes Bytecast RSS Feed, so you can subscribe in your favourite podcast client. It’s been submitted to iTunes, so hopefully you’ll be able to find it there soon too.

We’re still looking for feedback to improve the show further, so please get in touch and tell us what you think.

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