Good start to 2013

I’m very happy to say that 2013 has started on a couple of high notes from my perspective.

On the one hand, I was honoured to receive my third Microsoft MVP Award for Windows PowerShell. I’m looking forward to taking part in the thriving PowerShell community once again this year, and very happy to be part of the group of PowerShell MVPs, who are a simply excellent set of people.

On a more recreational note, I’m thrilled that Elite: Dangerous reached its £1.25m funding target on Kickstarter yesterday with two days to go. I’m going to be eagerly looking forward to the March 2014 release. (If you’re wondering why I’m so excited, you mustn’t have read my last post on the subject.) If you are a Mac user, there’s still some time to push towards the stretch goal of £1.4m to ensure a Mac version of the game.

I hope that 2013 is looking like a good year for you too. 🙂