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NEBytes February Event: Direct Access and Dynamic Consumption in C#

After over 80 attendees enjoyed the North East Bytes launch event in January, we’ve got another great event lined up for this month.

Direct Access has been the most requested session topic recently, so I’m very pleased to have two presenters to cover it at this meeting. We’re glad to welcome Dr Dan Oliver (Managing Director of Sa-V Ltd a Newcastle based Infrastructure Optimization Microsoft Partner) back to speak, and coincidentally the day after I’d confirmed Dr Dan, Conrad Sidey from Microsoft also offered to do the session. I’m happy to say that they’re going to collaborate to present Direct Access together.

From speaking to people in the IT pro community, I don’t think that people are as excited about Direct Access as they will be when they realise what it gives them…

While an IT pro may sell Direct Access to the management as a “better VPN”, where drives can be automatically mapped at logon and all the good stuff that the user gets from logon scripts that connect to resources on the LAN, users are pretty much used to “getting by” with the VPN they’re already using. Where the story is really improved by Direct Access is that laptops hooking up to various connections around the world now stay under the scope of management, the same as any other domain computer that’s wired to the LAN. I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail about all the benefits of that!

There are a lot of people who appear to be scared of the requirement for IPv6, and in fairness if you don’t currently have any IPv6, that isn’t an insignificant barrier to entry, however you don’t need your whole network to be IPv6 enabled in order to use Direct Access.

And for developers, Oliver Sturm is an experienced presenter who really knows his stuff, so his session on Dynamic Consumption in C# 4.0 should be a good one.

It should be a really good event, so grab your ticket: