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Office 2010 presentation aftermath

On Wednesday evening at NEBytes, I did a presentation with Ben Lee (@Bibbleq) on Microsoft’s Office 2010 suite. Having spent part of the evening talking about Office Web Apps and multi-user authoring, it was really nice of Microsoft to announce another product launch to do all that stuff just as we finished up! is a new beta from Microsoft’s FUSE Labs using Office Web Apps and integrating into Facebook to for creation and sharing of documents. I haven’t got an invitation to use it yet, so can’t say much about how it works, but there are some videos that show it in action over at

Back to the presentation…

Firstly, if you were there, please fill out the online feedback.

Secondly, I had a bit of an issue with the demo gremlins on a couple of things that I was showing. Ordinarily I’d just say “that’s life” and move on, but I realised why a couple of things didn’t work.

  • Even in the RTM, the Live Print Preview in the Word’s Backstage view doesn’t show x-Up printing. The preview just doesn’t change, like it does when you alter margins or orientation, when you ask for multiple pages per sheet. Personally, I’d like to see it do that happen. It does work as you’d expect in PowerPoint when you’re looking to print handouts with multiple slides per page.
  • Insert Screenshot can show thumbnails of the available windows when everything is a normal windows, but it can’t pick up an active PowerPoint slide show and I wonder if that’s what caused it problems in the pre-release version that I was running for the demo. I’ve tried to recreate the same circumstances with the RTM and it works.

When I get my invitation code for, I’ll put the slide deck on there for all to see. Until then, if you want more Office 2010 info, you can check out the ebook that I posted about before, or for information specific to IT Pros, check out

NEBytes / UK Tech Days events in April

Next month we’d already planned an event on the 3rd Wednesday as usual, when we had the opportunity to become part of Silverlight Geek, Jesse Liberty‘s tour of the UK & Ireland. It was too good a chance to pass up, so we’re doing the regular event and a special one-off…

On Friday 19th April, Jesse will be joining us to deliver a session on “Building A Highly Extensible, Decoupled Silverlight Open Source Application with MEF and RIA Services using Lean, Test Driven Development, An International Team of Volunteer Programmers,  and lots of Advil.”

This talk will use the Silverlight HyperVideo Platform open-source project on CodePlex as a case study in building highly extensible Silverlight applications. Among the topics we will focus on are:

  • New features in Silverlight 4 and how they made life easier
  • The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) added to Silverlight 4
  • WCF RIA Services for connection to a back-end db
  • Handling inter-module communication when the requirements are that modules cannot assume which other modules will be created, there can be no dependencies on order-of creation and unanticipated modules must be able to communicate with existing modules.
  • Using Markers, Injected Markers and polling to trigger events while viewing a video.
  • A Quick introduction to Lean, TDD and Kanban.

Registration is open and is free as usual. We are exploring the possibility of following Jesse’s session with a Geek Dinner (although that won’t be free). Keep an eye on the NEBytes site for more details on that.

You may want to sign up for that one as soon as possible – with the recent announcements over Windows Phone 7 Series development using Silverlight, this topic is hotter than ever.

In addition, we’d already planned April’s regular event on Wednesday 21st April, where Ben Lee and myself are going to cover Office 2010, and Colin Mackay is coming to talk about “SQL Injection Attacks and Tips on How To Prevent Them”.

The Office 2010 session isn’t just going to be your typical tour of sparkly new features, although we will do a bit of that for people who like that sort of thing (I know I do). We’re going to have some proper IT Pro content in there, so if it’s your job to deploy and manage the Office suite, this session is for you. Hopefully we’ll manage to fit in one or two cool things that you can go and teach the boss to help make them look good too.

Registration for the 21st is also open now.

It’s also worth pointing out that we’re running these as UK Tech Days fringe events. The main Tech Days events run in London, 12th – 16th April, with a full line-up for developers and for IT professionals. There are a variety of fringe events in London that week, and around the country, being run by various usergroups from this week into May.

You can follow all the UK Tech Days events by searching for the #uktechdays tag on Twitter