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PowerShell Help Update

When PowerShell version 3 arrived, the news that there wouldn’t be any built-in help was initially met by a load of groans, since it had been one of the first things that anyone would tell you to look at when you’re trying to learn PowerShell. Since then, Microsoft has explained the problems with in-the-box help, and I think that most people have come round to thinking that updateable help is, on balance, the better option.

This week we’re seeing the real-world benefits of that with the first significant update to the help. If you run PowerShell as administrator and run Update-Help, you’re going to get new content for the PowerShell core and workflow help. There’s updated help content for the cmdlets and 112 About topics.

The update only applies to the en-US culture so far. Expect it to be localised to other cultures before too long.