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Microsoft’s Certified Career Day

If you’re an IT Pro and you aren’t thinking about cloud technologies, then you probably aren’t reading technology blogs either, so I’m assuming that you, dear reader, are conscious of the shift towards the cloud. You might also be thinking about getting skilled up and certified as a cloud expert for the benefit of your career.

On Tuesday 12th March (from 08:30 PDT), Microsoft is running a Certified Career Day to talk about the technologies, the direction and the certifications they have available. There’s quite a line-up of experts on the schedule, so I expect the content is going to be pretty interesting.

The audience numbers for the free broadcast are limited, so you should sign up ASAP (and you might win an Acer tablet too). Head over to to register.

If you haven’t done so already, you might want to start familiarising yourself with Windows Server 2012. It’s been redesigned from the ground up with the cloud firmly in mind. There are two ways that you can do that easily. If you have a spare computer you can test on, grab the trial ISO image that will give you 180 days for evaluation, otherwise you can grab the Virtual Hard Disk and boot your PC into it without impacting your primary OS.


Windows Server 2012 ISO

Windows Server 2012 VHD