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TheTekTonic Show

Last Sunday there was a seismic shift when my good friend Ben Lee and I recorded the zero-th episode of our new podcast, TheTekTonic Show. The idea is that it’ll be a semi-regular dose of tech chat, not covering the news as such, but more to do with trends. Since both of us are IT Pros working largely in the Microsoft stack, you can expect a bias towards discussion of Microsoft products and corporate IT, but we’re generally interested in all technology, and with all the BYOD, corporate IT and consumer tech are crossing over.

Our plan is to have guests on most episodes and we’re putting together a diverse list of interesting people from across the industry for future recordings. We’ve also got to get an mp3 version and RSS feed sorted out, but for now, here’s the recording of episode 0, where we discuss Microsoft’s new update strategy and Blackberry’s comeback. Please comment and give feedback, and if you think you’d like to be on the show in the future, let us know.