RecoverPoint Cluster Enabler

One of these days, I do plan on writing about other non-EMC geographically dispersed solutions…I swear [;)]. I just need to find the time to give these other products a proper test run before writing my opinions about them so I can give them a fair assessment. Though finding the time to “play” is becoming increasingly difficult lately.

Anyway, reading Storagezilla’s blog reminded me that I left a little cliff hanger in one of my previous posts. There was a new addition to the EMC Cluster Enabler family, RecoverPoint Cluster Enabler (RP/CE) was introduced with the release of RecoverPoint 3.1 software. This product helps to integrate Microsoft Failover Clusters with RecoverPoint
continuous remote replication (CRR) technology.

This is done in pretty much the same fashion as SRDF/CE and MV/CE. We add a “Cluster Enabler (CeCluRes)” resource to each of the application groups and make the cluster’s physical disk resources in that group depend upon this resource. This prevents the disk from attempting to come online until the CE resource performs its magic under the covers to enable the image access on the remote array.

Much like MV/CE, RP/CE also only supports non-disk based quorum models. So you can only use MNS or MNS+FSW quorum models with RP/CE.

If you want more details about this solution, EMC has published the following whitepaper regarding RP/CE: