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Threats and Countermeasures

Updated: December 27, 2005 Threats and Countermeasures: Security Settings in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP The Threats and Countermeasures guide provides you with a reference to all security settings that provide countermeasures for specific threats against current versions of … Continue reading

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Security Advisory for Possible Windows Vulnerability

MSRC posted a security advisory regarding a possible vulnerability affecting the Graphics Rendering Engine in Windows. Microsoft Security Advisory (912840) Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution. Published: December 28, 2005 Microsoft is investigating new public reports … Continue reading

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Help prevent identity theft from phishing scams

What is a phishing scam? Just when you thought it was safe to go back into your Inbox, there’s a new form of spam e-mail on the horizon. This spam is more than just unwanted and annoying. It could lead … Continue reading

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Forget that Diet: Microsoft Encourages Consumers to Resolve to be More Secure Online in 2006

Amy Roberts of Microsoft’s Security Technology Unit discusses the "Protect Your PC in 2006" resolution and other Microsoft consumer-security efforts. REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 20, 2005 – When friends and family invite Amy Roberts over for dinner, she may not always … Continue reading

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Santa IM Worm Installs Rootkit Payload

A new Christmas-themed worm attack is underway, delivering an offensive rootkit payload over the AOL, MSN, Windows Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo instant messaging networks. The worm, identified as IM.GiftCom.All, was discovered by researchers at IMLogic Inc.’s Threat Center spreading via … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and malware hunting

Merry Christmas, happy New Year and brace yourself for a dramatic increase in mobile security threats, more phishing scams and identity theft. That’s the not-so happy prediction from security specialists at McAfee Inc., which today released its outlook for 2006. … Continue reading

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New Version: RootkitRevealer v1.6

This version runs from Windows XP remote desktop sessions, includes a number of bug fixes and reduces the number of false positive descrepancies. What is RootkitRevealer v1.6? “RootkitRevealer is an advanced patent-pending root kit detection utility. It runs on Windows … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Computer Security in 2005

Real progress was made by Microsoft and its industry partners in 2005. REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 21, 2005 — In the ongoing challenge to deliver a safer, more secure computing experience for PC users, Microsoft and its industry partners in 2005 … Continue reading

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December Update for Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool Released

This month’s update of the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool has been released.This update includes three new malware families: F4IRootkit, Ryknos, and IRCBot. This tool now cleans over 50 of the most prevalent malware families.This release, as in the past, … Continue reading

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Win32/Blaster: A Case Study From Microsoft’s Perspective

Quick Description“This white paper provides deeply quantitative details and statistics that Microsoft has observed regarding the initial and continued effects of the Win32/Blaster worm on the global computing infrastructure and Internet users worldwide.” More information: Microsoft Download Center

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