Dutch DevDays 2006 Day One



The Dutch DevDays 2006 were held at RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam. The location was only a thirty minute train ride for me.

I would like to thank Gerard Verbrugge, the Dutch MVP Lead, who made sure we were dressed proparly: long sleeved blue t-shirt and short sleeved white polo shirt…;-)

Two very interesting days; heard and saw many new things. I chose sessions that would interest me and that I could use in my job.

The Opening Keynote was by Rafal Lukawiecki, Consultant and Director of Project Botticelli Ltd, Tony Krijnen who works as Technology Advisor at Microsoft gave us a peek Windows version: Vista. And last but not least Scott Guthrie, General Manager of the Client & Web Platform and Tools Team.

My first session, after the keynote, was “Building Office applications with Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio Tools for Office” by Ernst Peter Tamminga, Managing consultant bij XCESS.
This session was about VS Tools for Office. What VSTO is and does, what the new features are and the possiblities of VSTO2005. What you can do with Word in VSTO, “Controls” directly in a document and that you don’t need VBA code anymore.
More about “Smart Documents” and “Smart Tags”, XML documents and XML templates for Word documents.

Then it was time to get something to eat for lunch. One didn’t have much time actually because the lunch session started at 12:30PM. I chose to attend the “Building applications with Infragistics NetAdvantage 2005” by Jason Beres, Chief Technical Evangelist for Infragistics and Visual Basic .NET MVP.
Jason talked about:

  • NetAdvantage
  • JSuite
  • TestAdvantage
  • Training/Monitoring

About the future:

  • Avalon – Rich Interactive User Interfaces

If you think you could catch a breath, then think twice. There were three more sessions on my agenda. The afternoon started with: “Windows Presentation Foundation – part 1“, by Erno de Weerd, Trainer/Consultant at Info Support. Check his blog.
Windows Presentation Foundation aka “Avalon” and Erno told us how it was: WinForms, GDI, GDI+, DirectShow, DirectX etc. and how it will be in the future: Direct3D, Windows Media Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation.

This was followed by “Windows Communication Foundation – part 1“, by Gijs de Jong who is Principal Consultant at Microsoft Services. Part II will be on the 2nd day.

The last session for me was: “SQL Server 2005 Business Inteligence” by Marcel Westra, a Product Specialist Database at Microsoft. He’s also one of the founders of SQL User Group SQLpass Nederland.
Marcel gave us a presentation about the Extraction, Transformation and Loading tool, the SQL Server Integration Services, Reporting Service 2005 and the Report Builder Client.

The DotNetNuke MVPs talking to visitors.
Oops… if I look closely then I see that they are talking to two of my favorite co-workers: Ernst Wolf and Jan Hoek van Dijke on the right.


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