Windows Vista RC1

Windows Vista RC1


Windows Vista

And the screen shot is my desktop. Last night I installed a new copy of Windows Vista. It was installed from an external hard drive connected to a USB 1.1 (!!) port. Yes, it’s on one of my old test machines. It only has 384MB RAM on 730MHz processor. So it’s not the fastest computer and that’s why I’m missing the special aero effects in Vista. But so far I just love the new release.

Learned something new about “Network Level Authentication”, a new secure way of connecting to the Vista computer using Remote Desktop Connection. For more information see this Windows Vista Help and Support page.

Really like the Vista side bar and gadgets. The RSS feed, the clock and the weather information. And there are more gadgets available.

Now, we only have to find out which antivirus to install on this version of Windows…

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