We all know what software is, we have heard of “spyware“, we have heard of “malware“. But ever heard of “scareware”? Well, I didn’t until I saw this article “Fighting the scourge of scareware” at the BBC News web site. You know… sometimes you get those pop-ups saying: “you’re system is corrupt… buy our software…”, while your computer is perfectly okay and the problem doesn’t even exists. It’s just a trick to get you to buy their products, their software.

The good new is that Microsoft, together with the Washington State’s Attorney General, is doing something about it. They already filed a lawsuit against a company in Texas which tries to trick you to get you their Registry Cleaner XP software.

Together with this, according to the news article, Microsoft also filed five other lawsuits for programs like “Scan & Repair”, “Antivirus 2009”, “MalwareCore”, “WinDefender”, “XPDefender” and “WinSpywareProtect”.

Another step in the right direction to keep your computer safe and healthy. For the news article check the BBC web site.

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