Among Bytes

I’ve started a new tag called “Among Bytes.” This name honors one of my oldest and dearest friends and favorite blogger – Len Bullard’s “Life Among the Mammals”. Anyone who wonders when I get homesick for Alabama or why I was horrified when an otherwise intelligent person referred to a Titan booster as the Space Shuttle should read Len’s blog.

The trees fall yellow and gold and it is breathtakingly beautiful in Colorado today. I want a place where I can talk about life and travel – and maybe even spirit, politics, and what I did to kill the planet today. Maybe about the battle I have with my weight, how fabulous my mother is, or how hard it is to learn to play the violin.

I have a fabulous life. I’d like to talk about that as well as all that grimy .NET stuff.


One thought on “Among Bytes”

  1. Violin is easy. Compared to bagpipes.


    Where is your Facebook page? Many friends are waiting to sign you into their cluster.

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