KB Article on VB Compiler Bug is Posted

The VB team posted the KB article on the VB 9.0 compiler bug I’ve been talking about. It’s at KB945425 an titled “Lines of code may be missing if you compile a solution that has a complex project structure in Visual Studio 2008”

5 thoughts on “KB Article on VB Compiler Bug is Posted”

  1. I’ve been hitting this issue since porting a large’ish solution (16 projects to VS08). It’s a web interface with VB/C# (during port to C# entirely) and custom control projects and data access projects.

    Various controls nest other custom controls so have references all over the place – just mapped in Visio and it’s not pretty!

    It’s quite a nuisance this, all the C# code works fine, but VB code that’s been there for some time has started to mis-compile which is a major nuisance!

    I’m going to review all the references (all project based) to see where I can improve things and remove the nesting if possible, roll on SP1 asap!

  2. We’ve just tried to port our huge application (depending on configuration; 150+ projects) to VS08 and everything “seemed” to go well, (all projects target the 2.0 framework), until we tried to run the executable which failed miserabley with the has failed dialog.

    It’s pure C# (there are one or two C++ projects) and the odd thing is, if we replace the Executable with one previsouly generated in VS05 (before the upgrade), the application runs fine. This same behavior seems to exist trying to compile a new execitable in VS05 now that VS08 is installed.

    It seems to be a compiler issue, like this one for VB, I don’t know how else to explain it.

    MSBuild.exe for the 2.0 framework was updated by VS08 (not sure why), so I’m sure this is the problem.

    Our development manager is having to contact MS to try and get some help, but it looks like we’ll be backing out of VS08, at least for now.

    If this is a problem that will be addressed with SP1, how long do you think it’ll take to be released?

    – Aaron.

  3. Oddly enough, it’s not just VS2008 that seems to exhibit this behavior. I’ve just had it happen to me in VS2005, with a variation…. while spelunking through some WCF code, my current line of execution kept jumping around to some very arbitrary places. That’s when I remembered reading about this problem in VisualStudio…. I removed several projects and got back down below the magic number 5….. and viola! Things now track back through the code the way they should be.

    the differences were VS2005 and not VS2008, and all references were File, not project. But we do have the complicated class model described in the problem. I’m glad now I didn’t just totally dismiss this as “not my problem.”


  4. Chris,

    First, I’m sorry that I overlooked getting your post approved. I sent it by some folks that really understand this bug and the exact bug I encoutered should not be possible in VS 2005 becuase the diamond reference was illegal. Thus, you’ve got something else going on and it needs more follow up if a) it recurs and is causing you a problem or b) you can repro it in 2008. If you see it in 2005 and don’t have 2008 loaded anywhere and can send your project to MS, they can load it in 2008.

    Anything that causes the breakpoints to shift, which means anything that is causing IL and source to differ, is serious. But the fix may also be going to VS 2008 SP1 (when available).

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