First Experience with Pipeline Builder


System.AddIn the easy way

Build and interface, press a button, build an add in, build a host.


So, the pipeline builder tool really works.

You have to do a couple of things not mentioned in the documentation I used. Actually the documentation needs a little work, but its there and not too bad.

Follow the directions for the VS tool


Copy the Blank project to a place to work

Rename the project as desired, or test first then rename later (I am mortified by the idea of millions of “Blank Pipeline Project” assemblies floating aorund)

Add an interface to the Contracts file. It must have the AddInContract attribute and inherit from IContract. If you want to borrow mine:

using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Text;using System.AddIn.Contract;using PipelineHints;using System.AddIn.Pipeline;  namespace KadGen.FirstPipelineBuilderTest.Contracts{   [AddInContract()]   public interface GenerateFiles : IContract   {      string GenerateForObject(string objectName,  ref string fileName);      string GenerateForStoredProc(string objectName, ref string fileName);      string GenerateForDataTable(string objectName, ref string fileName);   }} 

If you leave off the IContract you’ll get projects but no generated cs files. Ask me how I know!

The only downside is that a lot of you will never experience the pain of creating them by hand and will be therefore so jaded that you don’t realize that the release of this tool is cause for world-wide celebrations!

I’ll blog about using this with VB after I’ve tested that more.



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