Taping .NET Rocks TV

Taping my first episode of .NET Rocks TV was fun. Carl’s got some serious editing to do, and when he’s done I think the show will be great.

Predictably I didn’t have time to finish with what I wanted to show you about VB 9 and C# 3.0. So, Carl agreed to let me tape Part 2 of the show next week.

Part1 covers nullable operators in VB and how they differ from the C# operators, ternary and coalesce operators in VB and C#, extension methods, hashsets, partial classes and inferred typing. That’s going to be great groundwork for Part 2 which will cover initializers, lambda expressions, anonymous types and LINQ. Many of the compiler features were introduced to support LINQ, but they are valuable by themselves. I’ll look at core LINQ – sometimes called LINQ to Objects (IEnumerable actually).

Both shows dig into some grimy details while keeping the overall tone focused to why you care about these new features.


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