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It’s occurred to me that if you are following this and my DNR TV show a logical reaction would be “OK, so that’s a lot of hot air, where do I get it?” I intend for all of this to be released Open Source, on whichever site s hot when I release it. I hope I’ll start releasing pieces in just a matter of weeks. It will help a lot if it becomes “we” instead of “me”. So, if you’re interested n this stuff and you want to help, let me know and you can get this stuff directly as its rapidly evolving too much to publically post right now.

My current expectation of the order of release:

  • Metadata interfaces
  • GenDotNet metadata load
  • EDMX metadata load
  • Template infrastructure – what’s needed for the language neutral templates
  • Simple harness
  • Activity based harness

If you’re interested, you can contact me directly at

3 thoughts on “Open Source”

  1. Hi Kathleen,
    At what point with code gen / templating do you start to think about doing all this codegen at runtime instead of compile time?

    And if we were to be doing it at runtime would be be better served by using a dynamic language such as ruby to program in?

  2. I am a new architect at a corporation that has really not followed good 3(n) tier architecture. It is my plan to implement some sort of generation of the value objects, data tier, and at least secured stubs for the business tier. I was excited by your dnrTV episode and would love to get involved in your open source development.

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