Comments Fixed

For someone that writes software for a living, I have a remarkably hard time using it. I would not have expected “Filter: Ignore” to display no new comments. Ignoring a filter would be more like showing everything.

Happily I have friends that are as patient as I am confused. Thanks to Bill McCarthy and Susan Bradley (who reset my password which was lost in the bowels of my system and I wanted to switch to Live Writer) my blog is slightly more functional.

My apologies to the folks that wrote comments that I seemingly ignored for the last several weeks. They should be fixed, and please let me know if you have difficulties.

I’m still approving anonymous comments so that will sometimes take a while. Non-anonymous comments go live immediately. Unless I start getting spammed too badly.

6 thoughts on “Comments Fixed”

  1. Comments are a great way to communicate interest, and not having them can be a problem, so well done in finding the issue (can fixing it).

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