I brought my new puppy home from Nebraska yesterday.

A sweet little eight week old girl (edited: I have no idea what planet I was on when I mistyped this initially). I’ve had a hard time finding the right combination of home raised and decently bred Springer Spaniel. I finally found a lovely little girl 3 hours away, but it was worth every minute of the drive to find a puppy that is beautiful and adventuresome. Thanks to my children’s stepmom Helen who helped with the drive. I’m not sure quite how we avoided bringing home her sister as well. Five families, including Helen’s, will help me co-puppy parent when I travel.

I haven’t given her a permanent name, but her puppy name is Dash. That made a soft spot in my heart as Aspen the dog I lost after 14 years together had a puppy name of Dot. Both named for markings on their forehead. Otherwise they are different. Dash is a tricolor with slight tan eyebrows and a fairly short nose.

Expect my code to come back up to snuff after I train her to be as good at listening to my .NET design problems as Aspen was. Right now she tends to sleep through my questions.

I loaned my mom my camera when she went to Thailand, and now I’m going to have to nag her and get it back – so sorry, no pictures until I borrow one.

Thanks for letting me share that this is a very special time for me. Pictures coming soon.

One thought on “Puppy”

  1. The Mrs and I went from 4 dogs to 3 to 2 to 1 in 1 year so we feel your loss. We keep talking about getting a 2nd pup but we are not quite ready.

    Congrats and good luck, sounds like she found a wonderful home.

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