A Good Day

This isn’t a technical post, and far more “chick-a-dee” than usual for my blog. So skip it if the idea of multiple shades of “off-white” freaks you out.

A good day – shopping.

I hate to shop, I mean the normal way in the store I feel rushed, annoyed, fat, broke, and ripped off. An entire store built to make me believe I want to be someone and something that would never appeal to me in the absence of dishonest lighting and piped in music. All wiped clean of fingerprints marking the karma of evil within the pipeline of the stuff piled in our department stores. Shopping like that is just not my thing.

But at the UU church garage sale – now that’s different. It’s all for a good cause and Unitarians have cool crap!

I found a designer jacket that’s beautiful, knit and totally packable. Reversible if I remove the designer label. And a pretty patterned one. And a black jacket. And a button sweater when I need that matronly look. And a soft as the world cotton turquoise jacket. And all are wash and wear (I hate the chemistry and smell of cleaners).

Then I found a sweater. The kind of knit in pattern that I generally don’t wear – but this one I swear has my puppy and her sisters. Really. I mean really. And on the front, my pup sitting next to a boot. Not the kind of boot I’d wear but clearly the “I want to go to the mountains, mommy” look on the face. I need to listen to that look way more often for my own peace of mind. Oh and today it’s a grocery bag for 5$.


And a fabulous wool jacket in my nieces size, and two sport coats my son might be able to use at Cambridge. And a designer necklace that matches the cotton jacket. And Luka Blum and Tom Adler CDs.

Wow. Now, you’d think I would stop there. Of course you would. I would think so.

But on the way in I’d passed a set of theatre seats. You know the plywood back plush seat 1930+ style. Wow. What do I need with theatre seats? Who in a normal suburban house needs theater seats? Not even the fancy stadium seats, but just normal seats. And they can sort of use recovering. Of course all the time I’m looking at clothes, I’m trying to figure out what I can do with theatre seats because they are just drop dead, freezer burn cool.

So I keep wandering and find a 14” embroidery hoop. Of course I don’t embroider, my eyes passed that point years ago and I’ll stick with hobbies where I don’t need glasses. BUT, they make the greatest earring racks, and if I get another I can buy more earrings on my travels – round racks of earrings by the bed as dream catchers.

And I’ve been planning to redo my family photo place and the mixed grouping up cheap frames aren’t going to look so hot. I find an entire box of brand new soapstone frames for $5.

But then there’s still the theatre seats. What can I do with theatre seats?

Suddenly I see them replacing the butt ugly bench in my breakfast nook that my dad and I have been going to replace for 3 years. Oh, man this is going to be so totally freakin’ cool.

So, I check. Yes, four seats in two pairs and the back and bench to a fifth are $40 total. Except it’s half price day. So I take the ticket to go buy them for $20. And you think that this seems like plenty of good luck for one day, right? You think I’d be done with it, right?

Then I see my children’s step mom who is also a friend of mine. She says. “Yeah, and I have the van to take them home.” Right. I had forgotten the little I need to get them home thing and she’s just right there. No need to fire up the transporter beam or my gas guzzling ¾ ton.

And you’re thinking “Enough already!”

So, I follow her home and happily she misses the stupid moped that crosses just in front of her. By ourselves we are able to unload the theatre seats. No need to annoy the men we share, who are at a movie anyway, perhaps seeing Dark Knight for the third or fourth time.

I think now about going to the circle of hell I’ve set aside for myself when I buy things from China (if you don’t get that, you aren’t paying attention). So I think. Hmm. Those frames are surely from China. Nope, India so I don’t go to that particular hell this week (probably to a few others).

And you know that off white upholstery that in the sun was just a “had to go” kind of thing. It matches my cabinets in the kitchen/breakfast room. And I knew from the get-go that I’d have to raise them. I found cedar 4x4’s to do that in the garage.

I don’t know how it gets much better than this. Finding more crap is certainly not better. Finding just the right amount of crap that fits into my life as it is today, and packable for whatever stage I wander off to next – now that’s a good day.

The only adjustment I’ll make is a donation in the plate next time I’m in church. I am feeling more than a wee tad guilty that I walked with all this stuff for $36.

In the meantime, tonight, right now, riding on all this luck, I’ll go for a walk and buy a lottery ticket.

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