Next month I’m speaking at ArchitectConnections in San Francisco. This is going to be the most amazing event – a combination of the best of IASA with the best of us way geeky, in the trenches architects. IASA is the International Association of Software Architects (pronounced eye-sa). I’m part of the Denver chapter, and combining IASAConnections and ArchitectConnections means there will be the most amazing collection of people (your conference fee covers it all). It looks like a near historic collision of perspectives across a tremendous range of focus – with Paul Preiss and IASA there to help sort it all out. Imagine throwing Scott Ambler, David Chappelle, David Platt, Allan Holub, Juval Lowy, Rocky Lhotka, Michelle LaRoux-Bustamante and Neil Roodyn into the same place. Stir gently and bake – who knows what’s going to come out. You can check this out on the speaker’s roster at www.iasaconnections.com.

The speaker’s roster is the reason you should consider this conference come. I’m absolutely in awe about speaking on the same stage as some of these folks.

But wait, wait, there’s more.

This conference is in San Francisco – fun and easy to get to. It’s also the first run so the attendance is likely to be reasonable – with up close and personal experiences with these great speakers. And, I just heard a rumor from the speaker coordinator that the food will be great.

But wait, wait, there’s more.

As a speaker, I’ve gotten info on a significant discount. Rather than just whispering this to a few friends, I’m putting it out here. You can get $400 off the regular conference registration fee! Do that by clicking this link. When you register on line scroll to the bottom and enter the discount code “SPEAKER”. The discount should appear on the next confirmation page so you can ensure you’ve got your discount before you commit.

And there’s even more…

Until they run out, I’ll give you a collapsible VB Frisbee if you find me (I’m not going to be hard to find) and say you came because of this blog post!

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