Silverlight Tools Install Woes – Build 9.0.30729.XX …

I encountered the dreaded of “Build 9.0.30729.XX Visual Studio 2008 SP1 must be installed before installation can continue” installation error when installing the Silverlight Tools. Help/About indicated that I had 9.0.30729.1.

After a bit of thrashing around, I accepted that there may be a problem with my SP1 installation and decided to reinstall, painful as the prospect was. This was not an easy conclusion for me to accept because there were no other symptoms of trouble with my Visual Studio installation.

I wanted to report that reinstalling SP1 did in fact clear up the problem Silverlight had. Even though its a very tedious process to reinstall the service pack, you’ll probably need to do it if you get this error – to either solve your problem or rule it out.

This blog post by Jimmy Lewis has a very helpful post on the installation

Upcoming Schedule

I have been remiss about posting my schedule. It’s been a great fall so far.


I’m at DevConnections next week. Full day pre-conference on Workflow Monday (still room available if you can get to Vegas early)

I’ll be in Huntsville, AL doing my Twelve Gems, Eight Dragons talk at the Huntsville Visual Studio .NET group

I’ll be at DevTeach Dec 1 – 5


I’ll mellow out the rest of the year as I have done or will do 19 speeches this quarter. I’m working on some INETA and Colorado talks for January and then a busy March.

DevTeach Bonuses

Wow, I just heard this about DevTeach. I’d love to say you have to mention my name, but really you don’t. Check out And, if your based in the US, check out the current exchange rate because I think your hotel and food will be cheaper than some other conference venues.


Every attendees will get Visual Studio 2008 Pro, Expression Web 2 and Tech-Ed DEV set in their bag!

DevTeach believe that all developers need the right tool to be productive. This is what we will give you, free software, when you register to DevTeach or SQLTeach. Yes that right! We’re pleased to announce that we’re giving over a 1000$ of software when you register to DevTeach. You will find in your conference bag a version of Visual Studio 2008 Professional, ExpressionTM Web 2 and the Tech-Ed Conference DVD Set. Is this a good deal or what? DevTeach and SQLTeach are really the training you can’t get any other way.