Proud Sister

Check out the third speaker down.

OK, truth be told, I’m the chair of that track and she saved my butt stepping in. But did you check out that bio!!! Man am I lucky she’s been training for years just to speak in my track!

The Green IT track at DevConnections will include top notch experts in both energy and health and safety/environment issues. Want to find out the probable change in your IT carbon footprint change over the last ten years? Want to know which piece of IT equipment is most likely to let you run smack into CERCLA (Superfund) reporting requirements? Want to get answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet?

My goal for the independent segment of the Green IT track is to connect you with top notch experts in the fields important to Green IT. Microsoft will also cover what their doing and planning to further green. WIndows Connection has a ton of great content. While you’re there, stop by the Green IT track and learn how to assess your operations from a green perspective and plan for improvement. This isn’t fluffy, nor a cheer leading track. It’s real material, from real experts.

March 15-18. Orlando. Windows Connections. Be there.

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