Snippet Editor is Moving

In some of my talks I mention or demo Snippet Editor. Bill McCarthy pulled this local after the ungraceful (to contributors) way GotDotNet was brought down. Since then I’ve pointed people to Bill’s site.

Bill has decided to once again make it a community project and plans to place it on CodePlex in the next week or so.

In acknowledgement of the sad history of GotDotNet, Bill promises

And I should add here a word of caution for those in charge should CodePlex go a similar route.. I will travel the continents and track you down and when I find you stare at you for a really long time until you feel uncomfortable !! 

Having known Bill a long time, I think he’s serious about this. Maintain the history and code indefinitely – forever. You really don’t want Bill to make you feel uncomfortable, I assure you.

Check out Bill’s discussion here and here if you want insight into bike riding in Oz.

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