We Shall Overcome

Today in church we honored Martin Luther King by looking beyond him to others in the movement, including the Reverend James Reeb.

Someone wrote in the Joys and Concerns book (I paraphrase) “that my 7 year old may never fully understand the magnitude of what will happen on Tuesday is how we measure how much has changed.”

This is a moment in time worth savoring, especially for those of us that believed it would not come in our lifetime.

As you savor it, consider that there are many verses to “We Shall Overcome. “ They include “We shall walk as one”, “We shall all be free”, and “We shall live in peace.”

In the Bush years, I turned my TV off. The implications of giving up our rights for a false sense of safety, for seeing failure at every level of government oversight,  for seeing the government fail to guard the life of every serviceman and Iraqi,for seeing the reins of our government treated frivolously – these things twisted my stomach in a way that I could only turn away from.

Today, freedom, unity, and peace, especially worldwide seem impossible goals – but the I believed Tuesday would not come. If Barrack Obama will be president, what else is possible if we work together? If we are willing to risk working against the status quo, even when the risks are very real.

Remember the other verses, remember the other dreams. This must be only the beginning.We have the new battles with health care and the economy, but let us not lose sight of the old battles: peace, liberty and justice for all.

4 thoughts on “We Shall Overcome”

  1. I wish you would keep your battles to yourself. I for one do not care to have you or Obama manage my life. You remind me of the silly photos from the sixties of young girls putting Daisy’s in the rifle barrels of National Guard troops.

  2. I tagged this post as personal.

    I realize that many people disagree with my views. This is the greatness of my country. You may think I should remain silent, but I believe in our vast care not to offend we have all become much too silent. I appreciate your not remaining so.

    Yet, it is hard to see what offended you in this particular post. It is my words to say, let us not give up on striving for peace, liberty and justice for all.

  3. Sigh…I have no idea why I’m really commentating but I can kinda see both points (as I tend to do). You are both putting words in each others mouths and I don’t really see how either President is either helping or hurting the country.

    The status quo was already risked by Bush by him making very unpopular decisions because he thought it was the right thing to do. The rest of us with no information made a judgment and basically made him out to be something he wasn’t, but it definately paved the way for something new.

    Obama it seems is going to solve all the problems because he is just more popular. I’m not sure what status quo he’s really changing as I still have the TV on and nothing seems to be changing.

    Somehow all failures in the government were somehow put on the prior administration, I wonder that will continue in the years to come…

  4. You pretend to be innocent on what offends Mr. Booth. What offends me is your willingness to disconnect based on who is President.

    I’m an Air Force retiree and veteran of Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Deny Flight, campaigns presided over by 2 different administrations. I could see even back in 1991 that we were going to be back in Iraq at some point in the future. We live in a dangerous world, evil men use ‘Peace’ as a tool to achieve their goals.

    I’m sure you are a vehement a defender of gun rights, a right clearly described in our constitution, and affirmed by the Supreme Court time and again.

    I’m going to make a guess that you’re not so concerned about government overstepping its bounds now that Obama’s reign is here, and his administration’s wanton evisceration of the private sector.

    Until the constituencies of the Left and Right say enough is enough, and these guys can’t count on a built in 35% of the electorate, there are the clowns we are going to get.

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