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I got a Twitter on MEF resources, so I wanted to at least post the resources slide for my MEF/MAF talk. My big question, is what else do you want. Do you want more technie stuff on the core, more extensibility details, more stuff on the WPF editor, more on scenarios and value proposition, to know why I think composability is the most important thing since OOP/OOD (yep, I rank it above generics), or something else entirely? I think there’s at least a half dozen people trying to get the right stuff out on this, but we don’t need to shotgun this.


I actually modified this a bit if you were in the talks, but it’s a start – definitely not the final word:

Ask Kathleen,

April 2009 for MEF/System.ComponentModel/Composition discussion

April 2008 for MAF/System.AddIn discussion


#148 About MEF –Glenn Block

#152 March 5, 2009 – Kathleen Dollard

#147 VS 2010 WPF editor interview

Also, good Bob Martin interview

DotNetRocks: (me #436 April 9, 2009 -also, #304, 171, 121, 63)

MEF download –

MEF provider model and other interesting Andreas/TheCodeJunkie work

PDC Videos

TL49 (MEF-ify BabySmash)

TL33 (Glenn Block) at PDC

Pipeline Builder download:

Kids, don’t try MAF without this

Channel 9 video on MAF: Daniel Moth (search for System.AddIn)

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