Not Gonna’ Rebuild My Hard Disk This Time ‘Round

As I face the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2010, I am contemplating a machine cleanup. It’s been six months, my drives tend to gather a lot of junk.

And I’ve rejected the notion of rebuilding my drive. It takes time I don’t have, and far worse, it’s scary and I’m trying to remove scary things from my life. It’s scary because it means I have to lean out on my safety line. My safety line is my backups, and yes I make sure the knot looks good. But my Dad once leaned out on a safety line in a tree stand and, well, let’s just say we’re glad he’s still here.

So, the options as I see it are what I really want – a new T400s, with dual monitor support, multi-touch, solid state 256Gb drive, etc. Well, OK, let’s get real I don’t have a spare 3 grand, and my mechanic says I need a new car – what’s with that?

The option I can live with is a new 320GB 7200RPM drive for my current T400. That’s $120 bucks. I’ll slide my current drive (same specs), into the ultra bay thingee where I yanked out the DVD (who needs a DVD?), slide the six month old drive into a SATA USB enclosure I also just ordered, and live happily ever after. When I did this six months ago, it was to finally move up from my 5400RPM drive. This time, it’s

just to save some time and hassle.

There’s a catch though. It’s a bigger waste/carbon load on the planet. Thus, I need to ride my bike to the gym every day (well, every day I go) from now until the snow flies to earn back my karma points.

Anyway, with the Visual Studio 2010 launch a few weeks away, you should decide now if you’re going to cycle drives or rebuild your drive in time to get it ordered.

And yes, I’m working on a bluegrass song with the title of this post.