New Hampshire, Vermont, Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta and New Mexico User Group Slides

I’m uploading a single deck that has the basic slide deck I showed in all these locations, except Nashua. Many of the slides overlap, but if you want that slide deck let me know. Note that the extensibility slides are preliminary, I haven’t figured out how to really express the complexity of the flow and this is my attempt to explain the functionality, and validation isn’t in the right place. I hope to update blog about this flow soon. You can get the slides here. They are my copyright and if you wish to use any of them, please ask.

At the end of this deck is a very rough draft of some slides on a debugging MEF talk. I haven’t had a chance to present this, these slides are very rough, and I pretty much hack my way through MEF debugging, but these notes might help someone. Another thing I should blog L


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