Visual Studio Find in Files Overwhelmed With External JavaScript

Maybe everyone else has already figured this out, but just in case…

I was going rather insane with the huge amount of results I got when I did a Find in Files in MVC projects that include a lot of JavaScript written and often minimized by someone else. I use Find in Files frequently and the large number of results made it useless.

The simple answer is to just remove the external JQuery and other external JavaScript files from your project. I had already moved them to a sub-folder so I could find my own JavaScript files more easily, so this involves just a couple of clicks.

I expect this to break deployment, so include them again before you deploy.

3 thoughts on “Visual Studio Find in Files Overwhelmed With External JavaScript”

  1. Or expand the Find Options and set the “look at these file types” to include your other files of interest, eg *.vb, *.cs, *.xaml , *.html and not the *.js ones.

  2. In this case, I want to include _my_ .js files but not _other people’s_ .js files.

    But it’s a good trick to know and many people overlook it, so I’m glad you mentioned it.

  3. hmmm… okay, perhaps use a different file suffix for your js files compared to the other ones. If you modified the IIS to include your new extension (where needed) there should be no deploy changes needed.

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