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I decided to wait until I was actually sitting at my new desk before writing to say that, well I have a new desk.

After 22 years independent I’ve got a real job. Naturally I would not have taken this job if I wasn’t lucky enough to have been offered a job even more fantastic than the jobs I could think up for myself.

I’ve joined Digital Folio. It’s a fantastic group of people using cutting edge technology to solve real world problems to make shopping easier and a lot more fun. As Technical Evangelist, my job includes new technology – including Azure and Windows Phone (of course with some Silverlight and MEF behind the scenes).

Digital Folio is based in Denver and my job will be based part time in Denver and part time in Seattle – current plans include moving to Seattle in November. Right – not Vermont. I love Vermont, had a fantastic time when I visited in February and May and really appreciate all the love I got from folks there. But this job offer was exciting enough to change plans – I’m going to miss living in Vermont, at least I can sea kayak both places.

I’m looking forward to so many things about my job with Digital Folio. I’ll have technical responsibilities for part of the product. I’ll interact with the BizSpark One team. I’ll spread my wings and moving into new Microsoft technical communities for Azure and Windows Phone. I’ll help Microsoft teams understand our needs and how they parallel needs of the broader community. I’ll be working with Digital Folio to identify how to best share our knowledge and experiences with the community, especially with Azure and Windows Phone. I wouldn’t be happy with a company that wasn’t committed to the health of the broader community and Digital Folio is committed to the success of technologies like Windows Phone 7 and Azure.

Digital Folio is a Denver-based customer experience innovation firm focused on leveraging new domain technology and a strong customer perspective to dramatically improve the shopping experience for consumers and retailers alike. Digital Folio, a cloud-based shopping tool powered by Microsoft Azure, offers the first seamless, multi-channel retail shopping experience that allows consumers to shop the entire web at home on a computer, anywhere on a mobile phone, or in-store on an interactive display. As the industry’s first “always with you” shopping resource, Digital Folio allows consumers to compare products and prices and receive dynamic money-saving offers from retailers — all based on their own shopping behavior and in real-time.

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